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Jane, Guinness and Murphy
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Jane, Guinness and Murphy's Discussions

How Cold Is Too Cold

Started this discussion. Last reply by Camilla and Darwin Jan 19, 2016. 18 Replies

Happy Birthday Murphy!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jane, Guinness and Murphy Dec 19, 2015. 68 Replies


Welcome to Guinness's & Murph's Page!


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About Me:
I'm Guinness, and I'm writing this because my brother (Murphy) is too little, plus I'm much smarter than he is. My Mom and Dad got me first from Grandview Labradoodles in VT. All my brothers and sisters got to go to their homes first, and I was just waiting for the right Mom to come find me. When my Mom first met me she cried and kissed and hugged me. I knew we belonged together, and I've been taking care of her ever since. I just turned one year old and so Mom thought it was time for another dog. She decided she wanted to "adopt" this time. She found me a baby sister named Izzy, but then it fell through at the last minute. She was so sad, and I hate it when she's sad. Then the DRC "fairy godmothers" called to say there was a little Doodle puppy who needed a new home. So, we went to NJ and adopted my baby brother. Mom cried again...she kept crying all the way home. She says it's because she was so happy. I don't get that. My Mom and Dad don't work anymore...they are retired. They spend all their time with "the boys" (that's what they call us). I have a human brother named Tim who is 24, and he lives home with us. Mom calls him "one her boys" too. Mom says he has Down Syndrome, but he seems just like any other guy to me, so I'm not sure what she means by that. He's fun, and Murph and I love to sneak into his room and steal his socks and underwear...he keeps them right on the floor so we can get them. Mom says they don't belong on the floor and makes him pick them up...bummer. Plus there are six grand kids who come and visit all the time. They love to play with us, and we know we have to be very gentle because they're really little (and easy to "knock over"). We love to go for car trips and on walks. I'm teaching my little brother how to walk on a leash like a big boy. I've had lots of training, and I'm going to be a Therapy Dog soon. I have lots of new friends in the Alzheimer Home, and I like to go there and make them smile. They always tell me I'm cute. I have bad stomach problems so my Mom has to cook "real people" food for's awesome. My brother has to eat dog food...ha ha! We're Irish Dogs...that's why we're named Guinness and Murphy. Mom calls us the Irish Brothers. I was named after Guinness Beer....Mom loves that stuff (Yuck). My brother was already named Murphy by his first Mom....I guess it was meant to be that he should come and live with us. St. Patrick's Day is HUGE at our house. We love it because there's a real fun party and people come and sneak us treats.....and WE LOVE TREATS!

BIG NEWS!!! My Therapy Dog International ID card and bandanna just came in the mail. I'm pretty excited about this. As many of you know, I hate bandannas...but this one is cool. My brother, Murph, also got a gold medal from AKC....they say he's a "Puppy Star". I'm not too sure about that.
What Type of Doodle(s) do you have? What are their names? Tell us about your doodle(s) or any other pets you have!
I'm Guinness and I'm a mini ALD, and my brother Murphy is a REALLY BIG ALD. We're the only pets that live in our house, but we have lots of dog cousins that we get to visit.
Where did you get your doodle(s)?
Breeder, Rehome
Why did you choose a doodle rather than another breed or mix?
Is there any other breed....I don't think so.
What are Your Favorite Things to Do With Your Doodles?
My Mom's favorite thing to do with us is cuddle...she LOVES kissing. Her second favorite thing to do is training (we could take that or leave it to be quite honest). Mom likes to take us places and show us off. She loves how people always say how cute we are. She also likes to dress us up and take our picture....we hate that.
Does your doodle(s) shed?
Who grooms your doodle(s)?
Bows & Bandanas...Farmington, CT
Favorite Doodle Products?
Relationship Status:
Do you have a website of your own? If so, share it here:

Latest Activity

Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Sandy Holeman's discussion Inflammatory bowel disease
"My eight year old ALD was also diagnosed with IBD by an Internal Medicine Specialist after conducting an endoscopy.  He was in a very serious flare at the time.  It is something that has to be continually managed via diet and…"
2 hours ago
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Andy&Sharon BoomerShaynaMariner's discussion Everyone send prayer for Jackdoodle
"It is with a broken heart that I share that Jack has crossed the bridge.  That serious surgery was just too much for him.  Karen said that he had a wonderful day yesterday before the nightmare of these last twelve hours.  I think we…"
20 hours ago
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Andy&Sharon BoomerShaynaMariner's discussion Everyone send prayer for Jackdoodle
"I talked with Karen a short time ago, and JD is very critical at this point.  They were called back to the hospital.  Karen really needs all our love, positive thoughts and prayers right now to get through this."
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Karen & Jackdoodle's discussion Winnie the Mini Poodle Needs a Home! (Jacksonville FL)
"What a sweet, strong girl.  I so hope she finds just the right home."
Oct 25
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Nancy's discussion Opinion and Venting
"If you're really concerned or if they show any symptoms you can ask your vet to run a tick panel.  I just had one run on my Guinness because he did have some symptoms and we wanted to be sure.  We live in an area with a huge tick…"
Oct 24
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Sherri, Sophie, Winston, & Kitty's discussion Guess Who Does NOT have Cancer????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"This is the best news!"
Oct 23
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Sherri, Sophie, Winston, & Kitty's discussion A Thanksgiving Miracle and TAPS for Winston Please!
"Oh what a difficult time you have been through!  This does sound like a little miracle, and I hope that his improvement continues and the surgery is a success."
Oct 12
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Jessica & Benny's discussion Anyone have a musical doodle?
"That's so interesting.  My Murphy cries/howls every time I play the piano.  I have always assumed that it was hurting his ears, so I now only play when my husband has him out on walks.  I guess I need to research this a little…"
Oct 7
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"I so hope this new plan works!"
Sep 28
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Sherri, Sophie, Winston, & Kitty's discussion Hemangiosarcoma & Thrombocytopenia
"Sherri, I too got excited when I saw your name on this post....I'm so sorry to hear this news about Winston.  I really have no suggestions for how you can make the most of this special time with sounds like you're already…"
Sep 25
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"Here's the summary of Murphy's case prior to being managed.  It is from one of the links Karen shared, and it talks about our Honest Kitchen experience.  I had forgotten that when we moved to the Royal Canin HP diet he did not…"
Sep 24
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"Wow...that's excellent that your Specialists are working together on this.  I also have another Doodle (Guinness) who has IBS (much easier to handle than IBD).  I feed him Honest Kitchen and for a long time Murphy also ate Honest…"
Sep 24
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"It was difficult to tell exactly why he was refusing to eat.  I do think part of it was nausea and part was that he was pretty bored with his food, and until I found the pure rabbit my only option was the hydrolyzed food.  I keep the…"
Sep 24
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"Karen is right....all IBD dog Moms sound hysterical from time to time. Believe me I was REALLY hysterical while we were trying to get Murphy under control.  I am so curious about why there was a reaction to the hydrolyzed's…"
Sep 23
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"It did help Murph when he was refusing to eat."
Sep 23
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to M Blair's discussion Goldendoodle with IBD
"Let me start out by saying I totally understand the frustration you're feeling, but I have found there really is hope.  I found a Specialist in GI problems with dogs....she was the one who did Murphy's endoscopy where his IBD was…"
Sep 23
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Allison and Archie's discussion Hi everyone! Meet Archie
"What a cutie!  We have a separate group called "Doodle Grooming" that has a wealth of information about grooming at all ages.  Just go to the top of the page, click on Groups, and you will see it in the header.  I can tell…"
Sep 14
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Kris and Angus's discussion Meet Angus (And Me)
"Angus is absolutely adorable.  I know it's so hard to hear them whining in their crate, but I know from experience that it really does help a lot with the housebreaking.  They hate to go potty where they sleep, but the ex-pen allows…"
Sep 14
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Eleanor's discussion Calming Down
"One other thing that I think is important is "owning the door".  When my guys heard a knock or the dreaded doorbell they feel it's their job to run as fast as they can to see who is there, barking as they go to let me know there…"
Sep 13
Jane, Guinness and Murphy replied to Jus's discussion HELP
Sep 11

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At 10:37am on June 15, 2016, Jaime Garfield said…

Hi Jane I see your from Farmington CT. I went to school at university of hartford, graduated in 1991!! i am the lady down in south florida with Bailey-any comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Bailey barks at kids that come into my home. Not usual neighborhood kids, he's fine with them. Maybe new comers or kids that sleep over. Tried leashing him so I am in control. My trainer suggested doing that and rewarding him with a snack on for this time. I wasn't crazy about this idea (why should he be positively reinforced for negative behaviors. Unfortunately, He has already learned when he takes something not his and command him to drop it, he will only drop it for a treat. Again my trainer trained him to do this...Not knowing any better at the time I went along with it. This is my first time with a very large dog (84lbs). my kids are always saying, "mom, why can't Bailey be like the other dogs on our street, friendly and happy to  see other kids" Jaime

At 4:59pm on April 17, 2015, Ann Kendig said…
Hi Jane,
I took Duke to the specialist a couple days ago. He does think that Duke has IBD but he has not been scoped yet. He did have an ultrasound and nothing alarming showed up-no masses. He is now on a wormer for the next days to see if a parasite is causing his regurgitating. His stools are fine and normal. The vet wanted to put him on the hydrolyzed food. I told him I wanted him to speak to Duke's dermatologist first so they can be on the same page with what is going on with Duke. This was the second bout of throwing up for Duke. Right now I'm feeding him 4 small meals a day and he's holding it down, not sure what will happen after he's done with the meds he's on. Specialist said if he starts to throw up again I need him to come in for scope/biopsy and of course to switch his food to they hydrolyzed diet. Do you know if this diet will work long term? I believe the only protein he hasn't had so far is Kangaroo. I spoke to Karen while Duke was having his tests run, she is so knowledgeable and a big help. I'm sorry Murphy is going through all of this. You certainly have been an awesome mom to him!
At 10:59am on January 16, 2015, Cindy and Olive (Ollie) said…
How's Murphy doing? Sorry if I missed your update. I was just thinking about you guys. Hope he's doing ok!
At 12:24pm on March 19, 2014, Nicky, Riley & Boris said…

Just catching up with everything here and sorry to hear Murphy isn't too well. Poor  boy, it's horribly worrying when our furkids are out of sorts.  Hopefully all will be back to normal (whatever that is!) very soon. 

At 12:43pm on March 18, 2014, Carol and Banjo said…

Jane,  I just read your reply in Laurie's latest blog.   I'm so sorry to hear that Murphy is going through a rough patch.   I hope things settle out soon.   I teared up at the vision of you holding and caring for him on the bathroom floor in the wee house of the morning.   Somehow, I know that that dog KNOWS you are his "keeper".   What a magnificent bond you have!   Sending positive vibes your way!!!!

At 5:01am on March 8, 2014, Laurie, Fudge, and Vern said…

Jane, I don't want you to miss my latest blog. Things roll off the front page so quickly! Other than the fact that it illustrates I am a terrible dog trainer, it is highly inappropriate and I know you like that part :) LOL

At 4:02pm on March 7, 2014, Cynthia Whitfield said…

Hey, I think I'm getting the hang of this. I wasn't sure how to contact you again after you invited me to be friends. I'm very interested to know you have a son with special needs also. My son was diagnosed at the age of four with "mental retardation" -- now known primarily as intellectual disability, and autism. He's a loving person and quite outgoing for someone with an autism diagnosis  -- but who knows?  He's 20 and functions at about the 2 to 7 year old level depending on the task/activity/situation.

I thought the dog would be someone he could help train as a companion animal, even maybe as a service animal, but Simba, my ALD, is not very interested in people and snuggling --which is just what my son wants, along with someone to play fetch with. SImba doesn't play fetch either, and doesn't seem to have much of the need to please I was looking for.

What's your situation? How is it working out for your son and your dog?

At 7:21am on January 8, 2014, Donna K & Quincy said…

I love that your page says Happy Spring, gives those of us currently living in a deep freeze something to look forward to. :>)

At 7:19am on January 8, 2014, Donna K & Quincy said…

Happy Birthday Jane, the world and DK are a better place for having you in it.

At 6:32am on January 8, 2014, Karen & Jackdoodle said…

She better be nice to me, Aunt Jane! I haven't had a walk in three days and I am going stir crazy! 

Hope you have a great day, Love JD

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Happy Birthday Guinness!

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 6:00am 28 Comments

Guinness is six!!!!  He's the little guy who brought me here to DK where I've made so many amazing friends.  He has brought us so much love and joy, and I'm so grateful to his breeder who was committed to producing Doodles with great temperaments.  We met his Mom who was the "family dog" and were able to talk to the owners of the Dad who worked as a therapy dog with the owner who was a Psychiatrist in Boston.  The puppies lived right in the house and were well socialized with children.  When…


Special DK Visitor

Posted on March 1, 2014 at 10:37am 28 Comments

Some of you may have seen to post from Sheri (Lucy & AnnaBelle's Mom) about her DK bucket list and a visit this weekend.  Well today was the day.....and I was the lucky Doodle Kisses friend that she visited.  I've known Sheri ever since I joined DK and have always admired her.  She was such an inspiration as she went through so much with Sophie's illness and still always managed to help others.  She has fostered for the DRC five times, and who will ever forget what she did for Honey and…



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