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Hello everyone! So for those that didn't know, my F2 goldendoodle Murphy was "adopted" at 13 weeks old from a family friend who decided they didn't have the time to properly care for him. With that being said, we had very little knowledge of the breeder where Murphy was from or his parents. However, the breeder has recently reached out to me and suggested that he will basically look like a standard poodle when grown. Any ideas on how accurate this is?? Honestly don't know how reputable the breeder is seeing as though we have FULL breeding rights and have no idea how much Murphy cost. All suggestions/thoughts are greatly welcomed!

PS: I have attached pictures of Murphy now (around 4 months old).

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Okay, so first, Murphy is adorable and looks very sweet. However, unless you're shaving Murphy's face, he does not and will not look like a Poodle when grown. All Poodles of every size and type have "furnishings", which is the long hair, eyebrows, beard & mustache, etc that you see on most doodles, as well as breeds like Wheaten Terriers, Old English Sheepdogs, Schnauzers, etc. Many Poodle owners keep their faces shaved, but trust me, if they didn't, the dogs would look just like the curliest doodles). Murphy has what is called an "open face", meaning he did not get the gene for the furnishings. His coat is also nowhere near as woolly or curly as a Poodle's at any age. 

Many doodle breeders do not breed F2s (F1 to F1 breeding) because of all the generations, this is the one most likely to shed and have an open face. This is because you have Retrievers on both sides. 

I don't think it really matters how reputable the breeder is, (although my feeling is that she isn't) and it definitely doesn't matter how much Murphy cost. He's yours, and you love him. But I would strongly recommend that you do not breed him. For one thing, nobody should be breeding any dog without full genetic testing. And there are many other reasons. (Please read our excellent DK guideliens on "What to Look for in  Breeder") 
Enjoy your puppy. :)

Oh no! I'm not shaving his face! I want his facial hair to grow out as much as it will! Murphy does shed a little, but not hardly enough to notice (unless it's one very dark surfaces.) I also have no desire to breed him, but I was under the impression that dogs who are not at least limited in breeding rights are probably not from reputable breeders! He's the sweetest and we definitely love him! Thank you for all that information and for the picture below! :)

You are right about breeding rights and reputable breeders. :)

Here's the link for What To Look for in a Breeder.

Murphy's facial hair is most likely not going to "grow out", because like Lori's Pippa below, he most likely didn't get the gene for it. :) 

Im pretty sure he won't look like a poodle! My Pippa looked pretty much the same as Murphy did at 17 weeks when we got her. Murphy has very little fur on his legs and doesn't appear to have any facial furnishings. He is a beautiful boy!

Does he shed? Pippa does shed just like a Golden Retriever although she is smaller but it is a lot. 

Whats the name of the breeder? Do they have a website or is it just a private person? I could do a little research if you want to send me whatever info you have.

Thank you!! We are so in love with him, especially now that his true personality is coming out! Murphy does shed, but it's very little and not noticeable at all unless it's on dark surfaces! Pippa is BEAUTIFUL. I just wonder how similar they will look because Murphy has a LOT of curls and his coat is only just now starting to get a little thicker (not really longer though). His coat also seems more coarse on his back, but his ears are absolutel fluff! The breeder is a private person! I can send you his name in a private message!

For reference, here is what a Standard Poodle with an unshaved face looks like.

Murphy is so cute with that poof of hair on the top of his head. As others have told you, he isn't going to get facial furnishings or look like a poodle when he matures.  He is going to be uniquely himself. How lucky for him that you got him from his original owners and how lucky for you that you got such an adorable boy.

Just an update on Murphy...he is currently at obedience school for a week, but is SO smart. He knows sign language for simple commands like sit and lay down. His coat is getting thick and a bit longer, but still not a “doodley” face (which I’ve grown to love because it’s low maintenance and I can always see his eyes). Thank you everyone for your input and help! :)

I would love to see a recent photo!

Please post a photo.  You are definitely correct in that Murphy's face is low maintenance.  Our Charlie gets a stinky beard and mats in his mustache and beard.

Almost 7 months old...face is starting to change! Any ideas??


That is a great update, it gives me hope for Max. You have a beautiful Doodle.



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