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We have a deposit on our little guy and I am really hoping he will doodle out. He is so sweet but to me the most retriever looking of all of the puppies, we were hoping for the shaggy/fleece doodle look. Mom is an F2 goldendoodle that looks like a golden, dad is an F1 that has the shaggy doodle look. He is a mini, weighs 4.8lbs at 4 weeks. All of his pictures are right around four weeks of age.

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I can tell you that he definitely has furnishings. I would predict that he is going to be shaggy and doodle-y looking. 

Here are some more pictures:). He is the sweetest little guy
We are going to do a t shirt test to see how my daughter reacts to him since she has allergies. There is one curly female available in the litter but the breeder wants to retain a litter of puppies from her and we really don't want to breed.

Christyn, while it's a nice idea to do a test to see if your daughter has a reaction, it won't mean very much, since they lose their puppy coats between 7-12 months, and their adult coats can be very different. Often, people who don;t react to the puppy can have an allergic reaction once the dog reaches adulthood. It would probably be a better idea to see if your daughter reacts to the parents. A doodle is a gamble for people with dog allergies, especially the earlier generation doodles (F1s and F2s) with a lot of retriever in the mix. Here is some good information about this.

Thank you for this article! When she was allergy tested the dr said it was mild and she has been around dogs before but hasn't had one living in the house with us. I will ask the breeder about bringing her over to be around mom and the puppies including lick test.

I am no good at predicting doodlness, but he is adorable!

Thank you! We voted on names tonight and it is Bentley. I am taking my daughter to meet Bentley and his mom and siblings on Monday to see if she has any reaction.
He will definitely doodle!! What a beautiful puppy ❤

He has beautiful coloring and his coat looks silky right now.  As Karen said, it is pretty difficult to tell about allergic reactions since doodles have a coat change. I am glad you are taking that seriously.  I am sure it would break you and your daughter's hearts if she became allergic after you had him for a while.  Do you have any friends with poodles or wheatens,  or schnauzers?  You might take her around them and check her reactions. 

His coat is soft and silky, more so I think than his litter mates. We don't know anyone with poodles or schnauzers but my daughter has been around my parents corgi and Anatolian shepherd/maremma mix and not had any noticeable issues with either of them although she did have a cold when we were at their house. She has also petted and been locked by our English bulldog(who we lost in August) with no noticeable reaction. He was outside or in the garage though vs an inside dog as he was incontinent and couldn't do the stairs at our tri level home.

Reactions in general, I meant to say.  Luckily you understood what I meant.  It sounds like her allergies to dogs are pretty mild. Two of my three children are allergic to cats. They cannot be in a house where cats live, even if the cats are shut away and the owner has vacuumed etc. 

Photos at six weeks old



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