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WELCOME TO THE FOOD GROUP - This group was started in an attempt to present well-researched and FACT-based information on the amazingly complicated and confusing issue of feeding our dogs. There are also many issues we would like to explore. We thought it would be helpful to put all of these questions, information, and feedback into one place here on DK where everyone can find it, contribute to it, ask questions, and learn together.



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Feeding Zignature what to add and what to avoid

Started by Melissa. Last reply by Kathy and Ruby Skye on Friday. 4 Replies

I am in the process of finishing the transition from Orijen/Acana to Zignature, currently using the Lamb formula.  I remember reading that the omega might need supplementation and that only certain…Continue

New puppy - food/digestion problems

Started by Tara and Maggie. Last reply by Karen and Jackdoodle May 16. 21 Replies

Hi!  I'm new to Doodle Kisses, and am really hoping to get some good advice regarding food for our new baby, Maggie.  When Maggie came to us from the breeder she was on Purina One.  As much as I…Continue

Tags: stomach, sensitive, Coccidia, Food

Something occasionally different (Honest Kitchen/Acana)

Started by Jon Rascon. Last reply by Karen and Jackdoodle May 14. 9 Replies

so my dogs are on acana regionals line. When I went to pick a new bag today at Hollywood Feed, noticed that they had The Honest Kitchen singles for .99 (end of a promotion, they were 3.99/cup). I…Continue

Appetite questions

Started by Jon Rascon. Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie May 12. 2 Replies

Chewy is 4.5 months old (born New Years Eve) and he weighs 21.4 pounds - F2b Medium - eats Acana Regionals lineIt seems lately his appetite has slowly decreased - in the beginning he had a huge…Continue

Doggie Hunger Questions?

Started by Hannah & Pepper. Last reply by Karen and Jackdoodle May 7. 21 Replies

Hi All,So I have some questions about dogs being hungry and weird eating patterns, etc.Background: When Pepper was a puppy she would eat her food so fast that she would sometimes throw up, so we…Continue

Training Treats

Started by Stacy. Last reply by Lori, Daphne, Lucy & Pippa May 6. 29 Replies

Any suggestions for really irresistible training treats that are at least semi-healthy? Maggie has turned down all the dog treats I've tried at class. At home she prefers the cloud star rogue treats…Continue

Taurine Deficiency

Started by Sue & Lily Grace. Last reply by Amy and Annabelle May 4. 12 Replies

hi Karen, I came across this article posted on my ALD Facebook group. This does concern me because champion foods does not have this in their foods. Lily Grace has been eating acana duck and pear for…Continue

Amazon Wag

Started by Bill Burkhart. Last reply by Karen and Jackdoodle May 4. 3 Replies

Hello Everyone,Amazon has just announced creation of a new dog food called Wag. It’s available on Prime for $44.95 per 30# bag. Their site says it’s made in the USA from New Zealand lamb. No grain.…Continue

gut flora in dogs similar to people -not pigs or rats. smithsonite magazine

Started by c zoomer. Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie Apr 25. 7 Replies

it's been an hour since I first triEd to get this to the group.  I managed to get it as a comment, and k ew that wasn't right.  I want it to show up on a search for those needing info.SMARTNEWS…Continue

Food for puppy on metronidazole?

Started by Mcct. Last reply by Nancy, Ned, Clancy, and Charlie Apr 22. 2 Replies

Hi There,I am a new doodle owner and just joined up. My 4 month old puppy is on metronidazole for the 2nd round because of diarrhea (only at night - starts at about 5 pm and then every 2 hours…Continue

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Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 1:27pm

Josh, it's not so much about crowding as it is about the comments section just not being designed for discussion threads.

I would stop the metronidazole immediately. Order Proviable DC probiotics online today, and start giving plain unflavored nonfat yogurt (2 TBLSP 2xday) in the meantime. See my advice below about possible food alternatives to the LA. But I'd go back to the LA for now until the diarrhea resolves.
And I would honestly look for another vet.

Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 1:25pm

If you want to go with a fromm product, I'd suggest Fromm's Puppy Gold; it is much more similar to LA than the Surf & Turf.

Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 1:23pm

Next, the LA food your pup is currently eating is a chicken anf ish based food that is loaded with grains and has a moderately low protein content (24%) and a relatively low fat content (14%). You switched to a lamb based grain free food with slightly higher protein and fat. That in itself may have caused the digestive issues. It certainly rules out your vet's theory that it was the an allergy to the protein in the Zignature, since that's scientifically impossible. 

Fromm's Surf & Turf is an excellent food- my new puppy came home from his breeder on it, and I'm continuing it- but it is duck, fishand chicken based, and has a 30% protein content and a 19% fat content, so it's not very similar to the LA at all.

No, Nutrisource is not one of our recommended brands, because while the Nutrisource line is fine, the company makes several other lines that contain some horrible ingredients, and we do not recommend any brand that puts garbage ingredients in any of their formulas. However, you are correct that the Nutrisource large breed Puppy formula is very, very similar to your pup's LA food, and in that sense, it would be a good choice.

Comment by Josh Adams on April 20, 2018 at 1:21pm

Hi Karen, I can start a new thread if you think that's best? Sorry for crowding the Food Forum. Regarding the Metronidazole, we just started it this morning with a half dosage. Your concern is very alarming to me as we're first-time dog owners and we were following the advice of our vet. Do you think the half dose caused harm as you described below? We'll stop it right away. What do you recommend we do next? 

Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 1:12pm

I really wish this had been posted as a discussion and not here in the Comments section, as this doesn;t lend itself to questions and answers, and there is a LOT going on here.
First and most importantly, DO NOT GIVE YOUR PUPPY THE METRONIDAZOLE!!!!!  NEVER give it unless there is a confirmed infection, and even then, there are better meds. Metronidazole has caused more chronic diarrhea in puppies than any other drug. Why? because it is a powerful antibiotic that carries side effects, including the fact that it destroys all of the gut bacteria, including the good bacteria that is necessary for proper stool formation. Once you discontinue the metronidazole, the diarrhea is going to come raging back.
I really question a vet who on the one hand attributes a case of diarrhea in a puppy to a food allergy and then turns around and prescribes antibiotics. 

Comment by Josh Adams on April 20, 2018 at 12:34pm

Hi Karen, thank you for the reply. You can find LA's ingredients and nutritional info. for the food our puppy was on by clicking the link below and then click on the "Nutritional Info" tab:

LA Large Breed Puppy Food

I just got back from our local pet store and they recommended/gave us samples of Fromm's Four Star line: Surf & Turf and Nutrisource's Large Breed Puppy Food. The Nutrisource looks very similar to the LA our pup was on. I did notice though that Nutrisource is not on this forum's recommended list? We might give the Fromm a try first. 

RegardingProbiotics, we are giving him some non-fat Greek yogurt. Our vet also prescribed Metronidazole to help with the diarrhea. We agree with you on the toppers, we prefer not to do that. 

Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 11:20am

It's very hard to recommend a similar food to the LA because LA's website doesn;t provide nutritional information. I would need to know not only the exact ingredients but also the nutritonal profile: percentages of protein, fat, etc.
Regarding the more exotic proteins mentioned by c zoomer, I would strongly caution everyone here not to go to these proteins unless you have to; in the event that your dog ever develops a true food allergy or digestive disease, you will need to find a "novel" protein based food that the dog has never eaten before, and if you expose your pup to all of them, you are going to have a major problem. 
I would also not advise using any kind of food toppers; when a puppy has digestive issues, you want to keep the diet as simple as possible, i.e. fewer ingredients. Toppers are also likely to lead to a picky eater, who expects toppers forever and won;t eat without them. 

Comment by Karen and Jackdoodle on April 20, 2018 at 11:16am

Probiotics are crucial any time a dog has diarrhea (and even when he doesn't.) 
One of the best probiotics for dogs is Proviable DC, which can be ordered online.

It's extremely unlikely that it was the protein in the Zignature that caused the diarrhes, mostly because it is impossible to be allergic to something you have never been expsoed to. Food allergies develop over time, and almost always when the dog has been eating the same protein day in and day out for months (and more often years). Unless the LA was lamb based, it's unlikely that the Zignature's protein was the culprit.
Also, food allergies do not manifest as diarrhea and digestive symtpoms. Food intolerances and sensitivities do, but those are very different from allergies.
Some information:

Comment by c zoomer on April 20, 2018 at 10:33am

Hello Josh,  just a thought....I just switched Dinah to Zignature w/o incidence, but I've been using a 1/3 pack of a probiotic topper (per bowl)  and Stella & chewy topper as well.  Has your vet mentioned using a probiotic? You might give it a try while you wait for your answer.

Her favorite Zignature is the Guinea fowl followed by kangaroo, and a so-so goat.  I tried another company's lamb and got the same response as she does to goat.  I'm avoiding fish and beef at the moment.

Comment by Josh Adams on April 20, 2018 at 9:44am

Hi all,

As I mentioned in a previous post, our pup was on LA dog food. He liked it but we wanted to get away from it due to cost (and other reasons). We slowly switched to Zignature Lamb Formula but he got really bad diarrhea. Our vet put him on a bland diet (boiled chicken and white rice) for about a week to reset. His stool never totally formed with the bland, but we tried to reintroduce Zignature nonetheless. His diarrhea became somewhat formed but then back to diarrhea. Our vet suspects it's the Zignature. She said usually a food allergy is to the protein so she recommended changing brand in case it’s just the formulation but also the protein. Does anyone have a brand and formula recommendation? Again, he liked the LA Large Breed Puppy so probably something similar? Thanks as always. 


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