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I only just want to make members aware (if you are feeding this) that there is a pending lawsuit on Wellness CORE Adult Dry Ocean Whitefish Herring Meal & Salmon Meal and Wellness Complete Health Adult Dry Whitefish and Sweet Potato. It is alleged that it is "contaminated with lead and arsenic.”

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This is fairly alarming.  From what I can tell, there is no evidence that the food is contaminated with anything. No mention of this anywhere other than this one "class action lawsuit" website. Will have to do some more research. 

I feel that some of the better brands are somehow being targeted by their competitors and given bad press. I'm still reading all over FB about Champion and how the ?low taurine levels in their foods are making dogs sick. Pretty sure that's all BS too.

This is what drives me crazy about FB and the internet in general. People in this country are so ignorant about science and physiology, and these people with an agenda against pet foods capitalize on it because they know the people reading it won't know that what they are saying is false and wrong.  Taurine is not an essential amino acid for dogs (or for people, either.) We make it ourselves and don't need to get it from to get it from our food. It's cats that need to get taurine from their diets. So anyone who says dogs are getting sick from low taurine levels in anything are either lying or they are stupid. End of story. 


This 501(3)c organization  has graded dog and cat food for contaminants, and surprisingly, some of the Orijen dog foods are rated very poorly. Anyone know anything about this organization? In general, they say that foods containing fish, have more contaminants.

I was trying to figure out where they found information on contaminants, to file a lawsuit.

Some of my cat's treats are listed, in a negatively light, also.

I would completely ignore anything the clean label project says. They are an environmental group with an agenda focused solely on heavy metals, and they really couldn't care less about our pets. We had a discussion here about them awhile back when their (completely unscientific and unverified) "report" first came out.

This particular non-profit seems to have an agenda that is really not related to pet nutrition and they admit on their FB page that they did not take nutritional factors into account. That's pretty obvious when you consider that they gave garbage like Pedigree high ratings, lol. They also did not test for any contaminants other than minerals, and many of the foods that they rated highly contain artificial colorings and preservatives that have been shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals and are banned from use in many other countries. So I would not base decisions on what to feed on their ratings. 

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