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Hi!  I'm new to Doodle Kisses, and am really hoping to get some good advice regarding food for our new baby, Maggie.  When Maggie came to us from the breeder she was on Purina One.  As much as I wanted to get her off that food and on something better for her, we intended to keep her on it for at least two weeks to make sure all was ok.  Unfortunately, a few days after we got her she got diarrhea.  We took her to the vet and she tested positive for an intestinal parasite, coccidia.  She was put on Albon to treat it and also "prescription id" wet food until her stool was normal again.  After she was back to normal (a couple days) we tried to put her back on her purina one and she turned her nose up at it (who can blame her)?  So, at that time I went and bought Fromm for her and started gradually mixing it with the prescription id in hopes to get her on Fromm completely after a transition period.  Unfortunately, the transition didn't go as I had hoped and every night she would have loose stools (even getting up during the night).  So, I called the vet again to see if I should try something else...I also explained that she always seems SUPER hungry.  They suggested I put her strictly back on the prescription id for a few days to get her back to "normal" and then try to transition her to the Fromm again, but do it VERY slow, (they also said I could slightly increase the amount of food I was giving her, to satisfy her appetite).  I also expressed my concern that the prescription id isn't a puppy food so I questioned if she was getting the nutrients she needed.  But they insisted this is what I should do.  So, I followed their direction and got her back to normal (on the Prescription ID, and then after a couple days started with just adding a little Fromm to breakfast, then after a few days a little to lunch too, etc, anticipating a couple week transition at the least.  Unfortunately she was still getting loose stools at night and she still ALWAYS acted SUPER hungry....At this point I was frustrated because nothing seemed to be working (except the prescription id, that I need to get her off of and also, she seemed famished all the time and she seemed really thin.  Finally, I got online to see at what weight I could give her a little more food and I was SHOCKED to find out they had been giving me the recommended amounts for a 10 lb DOG, not PUPPY and I had been giving her about HALF of what she should have!!!!  When I called them they called me back and told me we should try to transition her to Royal Canin GI for puppies (because she needed the puppy nourishment,), and that yes, I should be giving her more of the prescription ID food too. to my regret, I stopped mixing in the Fromm and started mixing in the RC last night....but doing this with the correct amount of prescription ID.  She now seems satisfied with the amount of food I'm giving her, but she is not tolerating the RC food either...she has had very loose stools several times this evening.  Note, I was so upset with their error that I also canceled my future appointments with that vet and made an appointment for Monday with a new vet!  

So....bottom line is I feel TERRIBLE she was being under fed, on a subpar food that wasn't even for pups, but I don't know what to do from here.  I obviously have to transition her slowly to something else, and get her off the prescription id, but it needs to be for sensitive tummies.  At this point as of tonight, I have stopped everything except the prescription id, because that's what seems to get her back to "normal", But I really want to get her transitioned to a quality food!  We go to the new vet Monday, and I could call them tomorrow for advice, but I'm sure they'll recommend a food I don't want to give her.   Any advice is so appreciated!  Sorry for the long winded question!  But I felt like you needed to know all the details to give me good advice.  Note, I have looked at the list of recommended foods and also looked on Dogfoodadvisor and that is why I chose Fromm.  

Thanks! (Here's a pic of Maggie..she's an 11 week f2 doodle (obviously she got a lot of the golden genes). ;) 

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Wow, what a mess. I just wanted to say what a beautiful puppy you have! Follow Karens advice and you cant go wrong.

You're telling me!  Thank you so much..we think she's pretty sweet.  I'm also a member of the "Where's the Poodle in my Doodle" Group and have admired how super cute Pippa is too!  :) 

Well, they may not be the "traditional" looking Doodles but they sure are just as precious and sweet!

Hi Karen!  I hope adding to this discussion is ok, but I figured this might refresh your memory about Maggie.  If I need to start a new thread I certainly can.  :)

First, congrats on your new pup!!  What a lucky dog to have found it's way to you!  :) 

I have a quick question for you...the good news is that Maggie is doing great and likes her zignature food!  She does still get sick periodically, but It's usually after a car ride, so I'm hoping that's all it is.  She still loves to take the boys to school despite, her periodic throw up.  My question is this...she seems to not be as excited about her food as she once was, I'm sure some of that is because she's not a small pup anymore, but I thought maybe she might like to try a new flavor of Zignature.  We have tried a salmon treat with her before and she did well, so I thought maybe I'd try that flavor for her?  Is this ok?  Do I need to transition?  Or should I leave well enough alone?  Thanks in advance for your advice, and again Congrats!! 

Tara & Maggie

Trying a different "flavor" Zignature formula is fine, and salmon would also be a good choice.
However, I would not buy more food of any kind than she can eat in a month. I know that the biggest size bags are the most economical in the long run, but kibble does get stale once it's opened, even if you keep it in an airtight container (which you should anyway, lol). Most dogs are most enthusiastic about eating their kibble when it's from a freshly opened bag. Kibble (and all foods that contain dry particulate matter) can also contain storage mites, also known as cereal mites, and the longer the kibble sits, the better the chances of this. So for this reason, unless you can freeze the excess, do not buy a bigger bag than she will consume in a month, even if that costs a tiny bit more over time. And keep the opened kibble in an airtight storage container. This will help keep her from becoming "less excited" about her food in the future. 
When switching between different formulas within the same line of food, you do not need to transition if your dog is not currently having digestive issues. So just go ahead and switch her.
Any of the Zignature fomrulas would be fine EXCEPT Zssentials. That one is the only one that is not an LID formula.
I would also avoid the "exotic" proteins like kangaroo or rabbit. It is always best to keep those in reserve in the event that your dog develops a serious digestive down the road and needs to eat a "novel" protein. 

Wow, you're fast! That's what I thought, but before I screwed up I wanted to ask for sure... :) I've been buying the small bags, so i'll just buy a small of salmon too (in case she doesn't like, but I'm sure she'll scarf it up). Thanks again!

Let us know how she likes the new formula!

Karen...she LOVES the new formula!  Salmon it is! ;) 

Oh I'm so glad! Jack loved salmon, too! And it's so good for them, with all the Omega 3 fatty acids. :)



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