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So it's been about 5 years since I posted here as I've since spent my time on DK researching (aka lurking).  Back then in 2012 we were just about to get our 2-ish year old goldendoodle rescue named Sandy. 

Fast forward to 2017 and Sandy is now 7-ish, she's a cancer survivor, and a big sister!  For some insane reason, this past July we added Ollie to the family.  He's a mini doubledoodle that we got from a breeder and currently is 7 months old.  Sandy was immediately Ollie's whole world, although Sandy had her doubts about this fur ball that wouldn't leave her alone.  Today they are inseparable.

The reason I'm posting this in the food group is because I'm looking for food recommendations for them both.  I'll start with Ollie since his situation is simpler and I'll create a second discussion for Sandy. 

When Ollie came from the breeder he was being fed VeRUS Puppy Advantage.  As this food is difficult to find near us, my plan was to feed him this until he was ready to switch to an adult food and then switch brands.  Unfortunately, recently I have not been able to find VeRUS and so I decided to transition Ollie over to Fromm Puppy Gold. 

I did the transition over a period of 10 days.  At first everything was fine, but as he was getting more of the Fromm's his stool started getting softer, he needed to go more often, and he even started having accidents in the house.  As luck would have it, Ollie had finished a Panacur treatment and had a clean fecal just a week before the food switch so the vet didn't think it was a parasite issue.  She suggested a bland diet for several days and then trying again.  Ollie did great on chicken, rice and pumpkin and his stool was almost immediately back to normal.  A couple of days ago we started the transition to Fromm again and the soft stool returned.  During all this Ollie has been his normal, happy, playful self.

At this point I'm not sure whether to "power through" with the Fromm and see if his system adjusts or whether to switch to a different brand.  If I switch I was hoping to get specific recommendations on which brand might be best to try next.  I'm aware of the list of recommended brands, but I didn't know if there was a better way to choose other than closing my eyes and seeing where my finger lands.  BTW, I am not considering Acana/Orijen for reasons that will be clear when I post about Sandy.

Thanks in advance.


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Did you give Ollie a probiotic while on the Panacur?  Proviable is a good one.  It needs to be given at least two hours away from the Panacur?  You need to keep it up for a couple of weeks afterward. I have no knowledge of the food you were feeding Ollie. Is it grained or grain-free? Switching between that can certainly upset a tummy.  Not every food - even if it is high quality, is good on every dog's tummy; of course you know that. When our doodle had major tummy upsets from parasites, food changes, stress - he had recently been re-homed to us and we had an RV trip already planned so he had to go, we went to a limited ingredient food (we chose Wellness) and even used a human probiotic (VSL#3) for a month.  Hopefully someone with more specific knowledge will chime in.  We happen to feed our boys Orijen and successfully  transitioned Charlie to that, but I see that that won't work for you.



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