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Doodle Day of Photos with Santa, Brunch and Romp Sunday Nov. 19th. 2017

After reading all the suggestions from the S. Ca. group Those that want to get a beautiful framed photo with Santa including a group photo for $15 meet at  Good Neighbor Park at 10:30 AM.  

2800 Studebaker Road, Long Beach.  There is NO parking fee for this park.  See more information in the reply's below.

 Brunch at 12 noon to 1 PM 12430 Seal Beach Blvd.

Meet at tables with umbrellas between the rows of restaurants.

Romp: 1 to 3 PM. Arbor Dog Park. 4665 Lampson between Valley View & Seal Beach Blvd. Long Driveway on the North side of Lampson between Rose and Heather Streets.

All the above can change if the group would prefer another plan. Suggestions welcomed.  Check back here before heading out next Sunday. 


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Nancy, I corrected the photos to 10:30 AM

My sister 'Barbara' has been wanting to go to our Doodle Romp for several years, this month she was in town so she brought Sydneys' sister Rosie.  

We had 12 Doodles join us today, missing from photo is Cathy and 9.5 month old Harper. 

 This was the beginning of our 'blue Ribbon' "down stay" group.  Sydney was one of the first to break rank.  That's Enzo on the far right being a good girl.

Our Blue Ribbon gals this month was Enzo and Hershey.

Our two snuggling red headed cuties.  Anybody needing a snuggle go see Sierra. 

Love this!

I was so sorry to miss the photos and romp.  Moral to the story - get your flu shot early!

The flu shot is definitely not a guarantee against the flu.  My worst flu since 1983 was Thanksgiving 2012 when Kona arrived as a baby.  I had the flu shot in plenty of time, but it obviously didn't catch the strain that I caught.  I felt so bad for Kona because I was so darned sick for his first 8 weeks with me!  104 temp at 3 in the morning in the pouring rain outside potty training him.  Such a tough thing to get the ACTUAL flu that knocks you down for weeks of fever and stomach illness.  Hope you are feeling better!  

Hi Nanc! Hope your feeling a bit better! Yeah, certainly not 100% on the flu shot, but all of Dtu’s recommend it 100% for just about everyone. They say anyone who diesn’t Get one is just foolish and argue that it does NOT. give you the flu. ( as my sister argues). Knock on wood, we both got one and so far so good. Hope to see you guys in Dec! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Skip and I have been faithfully getting ours for the last few years.  With my mom's final illness, we just kept putting it off.  Dumb!  You are correct, Gwyn, that all strains are covered, but I wish i'd had it and perhaps this one would have been covered.  I am sooooo sad that we missed Sunday.  I even had the groomer 'touch' them up Friday - well Skip did because I was sick - so that they would look perfect.  Sigh!!!!

Because if my autoimmune disorders, I'm on a list that gets called in ahead of time to get the more difficult to find flu shots with zero preservatives, zero mercury, and zero formaldehyde. They are set aside for pregnant women and immune compromised people, but you can request it. Most people don't know to ask for it. Tell your sister about it.



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