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Doodle Day of Photos with Santa, Brunch and Romp Sunday Nov. 19th. 2017

After reading all the suggestions from the S. Ca. group Those that want to get a beautiful framed photo with Santa including a group photo for $15 meet at  Good Neighbor Park at 10:30 AM.  

2800 Studebaker Road, Long Beach.  There is NO parking fee for this park.  See more information in the reply's below.

 Brunch at 12 noon to 1 PM 12430 Seal Beach Blvd.

Meet at tables with umbrellas between the rows of restaurants.

Romp: 1 to 3 PM. Arbor Dog Park. 4665 Lampson between Valley View & Seal Beach Blvd. Long Driveway on the North side of Lampson between Rose and Heather Streets.

All the above can change if the group would prefer another plan. Suggestions welcomed.  Check back here before heading out next Sunday. 


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Sounds fun! See you all next week!
I do have a question....are El Dorado Dog Park and Good Neigbor Park at the same place? Gwyn’s flyer says “Good Neighbor Park at 2800 Studebaker Rd..Long Beach, 90808. El Dorado Dog Park is on Spring St and a different zip code.


Ro, I will message Gwyn to give us exact info.

Thanks Nancy. I know she and Paul are away right now.
Ok...Gwyn clarified...the event is NOT at Eldorado Dog Park. So, Carolyn, the info will have to be changed. It is at Good Neighbor Park...2800 Studebaker Ro, Long Beach. Gwyn says the 2 are about a mile apart and there is no fee to park at this Park. Flyer is attached below.

There is some confusion about parking cost.  The $7.00 parking charge is at the El Dorado Dog Park off of Spring Sreet. I think everyone has decided to go to the usual Arbor Park Doodle Romp location after the photos.

There is no parking fee at the Bone-Anza event that is located at El Dorado Park West off of Studebaker. The entrance is South of Spring street, south of the Library.  Paul's Santa photo booth will be set up next to the gazebo.  For any doodle owner who purchases a portrait with Santa for their own dog, kids, or adults, ($15 framed) they will also get a free framed doodle group photo. 

You might want to arrive a little before 10:00 so you can wander around the various booths to see doggie stuff!    

Good to know Gwyn!
In that case it makes sense to keep brunch and romp as usual.

From Gwyn.  She is having connectivity issues. 

"There is no charge to enter the park. They only charge at the El Dorado Dog Park which is about a mile away from the main park where the event will be. Santa's booth will be towards the back of that grassy area off of Studebaker, south of Spring."

"I've mentioned in a few places that El Dorado Park West is where the dog photos with Santa is. No parking charge. They only charge to park at the Nature Center and dog park. The bone-Anza and Santa photo event will be off of Studebaker south of Spring street at El Dorado Park West. No charge to park."

From Me:  I thought we were meeting at 10:30 for the Santa photos as Gwyn suggested. No?  Meeting at 10?

The photos are at 10:30. I just suggested 10:00 for those who want to enjoy the vendors, random dog treats, and raffles.
Since I'm Santa's helper til 4 pm, I won't be able to attend the romp. Maggie and Kona will be sad.



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