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My feelings were hurt a little this evening. And all I did was simply post a question about shedding. I went to Yahoo! Answers to ask why my Goldendoodle sheds so much when the breeder told us that he wouldn't. OMG why did I do that! I received like 6 answers and all them pretty much bashed Labradoodles and Goldendoodles, calling them "Designer Dogs" and "mutts". They all told me that I got scammed and that I shouldn't have bought Bo from a breeder and that all I have is a mutt with went on and on. I was very hurt. One person even went as far as saying that right now Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are the latest fad and eventually, when the fad is over, there will be so many of them abandoned and left in shelters with no place to call home. I mean it was brutal and uncalled for.  I deleted the question to keep other people from answering but my goodness, why do some people hate our dogs? And by the can I keep Bo from shedding so much? I should've come here to ask in the first place:-)

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People can be SUPER rude on non-doodle forums because they are mostly anonymous and CAN be.  I don't think they truly hate OUR dogs as much as the idea of mixing breeds because of the enormous number of crummy breeders doing it for the fad, for the money, and without much thought put into quality breeding.  But that can be said of most popular pure breeds too!  So it's not limited to doodles, but they are easy to target.  In any case, as you have discovered 'non-shedding' is a myth and not all doodles are non-shedding.  Assuming he just got more retriever genes, there's not much you can do to reduce shedding other than brushing often and keeping hair shorter so it SEEMS like less hair.

Sometimes I just cannot believe how rude people on Yahoo Answers are about doodles. It just makes me mad. Every dog- even purebreds started out as mutts. People say that doodles are not worth the money we pay for them (I have no doubt in my mind that they are) and that any old mutt will be just like a doodle- I beg to differ! IMO there are no dogs that can compare to a doodle.

Hi Daniece! I'm so sorry to hear that they were mean to you. Some people can be so snobbish and rude. It's uncalled for and totally un-cool. "Once you go doodle, you never go back" is what I say. Until someone has owned one, they can't appreciate just how bright and intelligent, compassionate and caring they are. They have the best traits of both Labrador/Golden Retrievers and Poodles. I wouldn't take $10 million for Toby. I truly wouldn't. So, try to forget what they said and post questions here, where we all luvvvvv our doods!  :)  

As for the shedding, once he gets his "grown up" fur, you will probably notice that he sheds much less- especially if you brush him often. BTW, watch out for mats! They appear out of nowhere during this phase of changing to an adult dog coat!

So sorry you received such rude replies on Yahoo. With the semi-anonymous nature of the internet there are people who say such hateful and hurtful things.. and of course not just about doodles. They seem to be just waiting for a post to spew their hateful speech. Don't let them get to you. As we all know here, doodles are very special creatures. When in public we are constantly being stopped by people inquiring about our two. I have had several wonderful loving dogs over my lifetime but never have I experienced the sweetness, humor, and intelligence exhibited by my two pups. As far as the shedding goes I think you will see a reduction once Bo transitions to his adult coat. We went through that as well. I was worried that my doods might lose their super soft coat when they transitioned but they did not. Their hair is still the softest thing ever!  


Keep smiling :) Don't let the haters win. We are all so lucky to share a wonderful doodle family here on DoodleKisses :)

I've heard all the hate too. Don't let it bother you, we don't live in a perfect regardless the issue, someone is going to hate.
As everyone else said...we love doodles here, so post away your doodle questions!!! :-)
oops, I meant to answer your far as shedding goes, I'm sorry your breeder lied to can't be 100% positive that a doodle will not shed, if you're mixing one dog that doesn't usually shed (poodle) to a dog that does shed (golden, lab or in my case german shepherd) you have no idea what genes the pups will take...if it's more of the shedding parent, they will most likely shed some!
I've heard that most F1 Doodles shed...but a lot of the F1b or multigenes do NOT shed, b/c they have more poodle in them.

Regardless, Bo is a cutie...I have a heart for black Molly girl is a black doodle, she's HARD to photograph, but nonthe less cute :-)

Yep, MANY f1 doodles shed.  I have an F1 and my breeder said she would probably shed some. She doesn't shed at all and of course, we were pleasantly surprised.


Just brush, brush, brush your puppy and that should help. But Bo may always shed.


Do not worry about doodle haters.  I once had someone say "so she is just a mutt" in a very rude voice (we were out walking).  I said "Well I love my mutt!" and turned around and walked the other way. Don't let it get to you.

Hi Daniece! I had the same experience on Yahoo! Answers and I won't go there again. I don't think I was the original poster, but I read up on the difference between F1, F1b, and F2 generations. I was shocked by the hateful attitudes, so I've decided to stick with Doodlekisses. Some people are venemous about doodles. I don't understand it, and I think many folks are really ignorant. Like someone else posted below, all recognized purebreed dogs started out as mixes. They were bred and bred to achieve the traits that people desired. The same thing goes for doodles. My family has had many dogs over the years. Currently, we have two doodles. They are the smartest dogs we've ever had. We also have a St. Bernard/Pyrenees mix, and a full St. Bernard puppy. The gap in intelligence between the St. Bernard pup and the doodles is incredible. Also, I don't understand why other people care about the types of dogs other people choose. There also seems to be a lot of angst directed against those who choose to buy dogs vs. those who choose to adopt from a shelter. Can't all of us dog lovers just get along? You have the right to choose and love your dog. I've decided not to worry about others' opinions because in the end, they don't matter.


But back to your original question...My family has an F1 doodle (Daisy) and an F2 doodle (Barley). Barley is now a year and half, and his coat has gone through many, many changes. I think I've heard doodles can go through 15 coat changes in their first year. He used to have a straight coat and it shed, but his coat has now changed to soft curls and he doesn't shed at all anymore. However, our F1 doodle does shed a little. In comparison to our St. Bernards, it's hardly anything. However, I did find a grooming tool I really like. It's called "Zoom Groom" from Kong. It's a goofy-looking rubber brush, but it works really well. It gets into the fur and attracts all of the dead, loose hair. I found that it helps in avoiding mats on Daisy. If you get the Zoom Groom, try to brush your pup outside or be prepared to vacuum afterwards. The hair really flies! I also use this brush when washing my dogs. It's good at getting the shampoo and conditioner through the fur. 

I went on the Dog Channel Forum once and I will never go back.  Someone asked a question or had a doodle and she got majorly attacked.  It was crazy.  I love Linda's line "go doodle and never go back!".  HAHA   I just am falling more and love with ours and he tests us for sure, but he's just awesome.  My dad seemed a little unsure and Henry even has him loving him now.  I just love all these doodles and let the haters hate, i am sure they are lacking something.
Let me also add, when I found this forum it was such a happy day.  I knew I was not alone.  :)
It's so sad that there are people out there like that - they have NO IDEA the joy that these dogs bring to all that own them. I feel like Casper was MADE for ME - he is like the PERFECT dog!
I've never been a dog person before. They were just ok. But when I got to meet a family member's Doodle I just fell in love. No other dog for me, not ever.



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