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Hi everyone!  I'm new around here and a kind DKer suggested I start a discussion to get name help.  We're having a hard time picking one for our male puppy who will be coming home right after Christmas.  I know we have time, but he's 2 weeks old now and I want to call him by his name when I talk about him.  I'm weird, I suppose.  My husband and I had our daughter named before she was even conceived.  :) 

I feel like I've looked at just about every name out there.  I'm looking for something "human" but not "TOO human" if that makes any sense.  Something classic.  I like Jack a lot but my friend and neighbor has a son named Jack who mows our lawn, so that won't work.  I like Charlie but our other neighbor recently put their dog to sleep and his name was Charlie.  Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!  :)  I also like Henry and Winston but I'm not sure I "love" them.  I'm such a pain!

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Here are some that I like: Ernie, Ike, Hershel, Wiley, Milo, Freddy, Oscar (and Felix!). I also like Henry a lot.

love Ernie and Oscar.

Thanks, Becka.  Those are all WONDERFUL suggestions and some of them I actually hadn't come across.  :)

i have a list a mile long for when we got Axl.  Some somewhat human names on my list are Emmett, Jett (but your dog is blonde-so maybe not), Cooper, Riley, Mack (kinda close to Jack?), Finn (ok-we're Glee fanatics), and my more recent favorite, Simon.  I have a LOT more but they're more "dog" names than "human"

What a great Christmas present!

Stuart--Stu for short.  We wanted to name our new puppy this, but he just didn't match the name.
What about thinking of your favorite places you've been?  That's how we came up with Bergen's name!
I have a Truman just fits him perfectly. Also liked Archer, Thacher, Tate, Abraham (Abe). Good luck!

While not classic I like Neo, it means new. A new puppy, a new year and a new way of life for everyone. :>) I also like it because it is uncommon.

Also on my list of not heard often names are Duffy, Chaney and Jonah. Good luck with finding just the perfect name for your new little  bundle.

oh my goodness, you are not a pain.. I love this. I had Lilly's name picked out before she was born. I like Sammy. have fun..this is such an exciting time.
I really liked Baxter as a name ... but that was the last name of my ex so I decided to go another direction ahaha. I like Colby too. I think those are good doodle names, in my opinion. I like 'bax' for short too. You could always join the Cooper club. :)

I'm a fan of the show "Frasier" and there is an adorable dog on that show named Eddie. I also like the names Wesley, Henry, Otis, Sammy,  Wilson, Louie, Noah, and Lucas. I had a friend who named her golden retriever Joshua. It seemed strange to me for a dog, but that's just me.


If you want to commemorate the fact that you got your puppy around Christmas time, maybe something like Nick or Nicolas for St. Nick, Charlie (as in Charles Dickens), or a reindeer name (Rudolf, Dasher, Comet, Donner, Blitzen). Or Marley, which I think was Scrooge's dead business partner who returned to haunt him.

Someone else suggested Neo which might be cute since you'll be getting your pup close to the New Year, and Neo means "new".

Love the reindeer idea!



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