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Hi, just wondering if this is something Rosie will grow out of?  She pees just a little when she gets excited.  Like, when one of the kids comes home, or my husband comes home.  We try not to get her too excited and she doesn't have this issue if she has JUST gone outside. 

~ Stacy & Rosie

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Our Emmie does the same thing ~ I am hoping she will grow out of it SOON!  Is this mainly a female puppy problem ~ our males never had this problem?????
My two year old male does it occasionally too.  Now it's only when someone comes to visit and greets him very excitedly.  Once he hears a "high pitched" voice telling him how cute he is, you can bet there will be a few drops of pee.

Casey used to do this also but hasn't since she's about 6 months old.

Teddy is a male and has this problem. He is 6 months old now and I'm hoping he grows out of it soon. It doesn't happen with me or my husband unless he has to go badly (if we've just come home from work and try to play with him before going outside). It usually happens when he sees a favorite person outside (there are a couple of neighbors that he loves) or if someone comes to visit our house. He's gotten better though, when he was younger (about 3 months) he used to empty his whole bladder when he got excited. Now it's just a little.
Oscar is a male doodle and did that often when he was really excited.  Luckily he seems to have recently grown out of that.  He is 8 months old now.  I had asked the vet about it a few months ago and she said lots of puppies do it and most of them grow out of it.  Thank goodness he was one who did!  Hang in there...
Murphy (4 1/2 mos.) a boy, does the same thing.  He never does it for me or my husband...but if someone new comes in...or one of the daughters that doesn't see him often....he pees....sometimes a puddle...and sometimes a few drips.  I'm hoping that with maturity and confidence...he will out grow it too!  He's just so excited to have company....his entire body wags! 
Nash (male) is 8 months now and still does it with certain people.  I am hoping that he will grow out of this soon.
Yes, my 6 mo old doodle does this when my husband comes home from work, or when someone comes to door.  I've heard she'll grow out of it.....I hope so.  She's just so uncontrollable when someone comes.  She lunges and jumps.  We are working on it with a trainer, but it's really hard.  Don't know if training or getting older will help.  Any replies from those whose puppies have "grown out of the jumping as they got older"?



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