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Name of Breeder: Patty Barnes
Location of Breeder: Maine
Breed: Australian Labradoodles

Verification that puppies are raised in the home (not in a kennel, out building, garage, back yard, etc...)? - Yes, the puppies and parents are well loved in her home - with special quiet areas for the Momma's and puppies.

Was the home clean and pleasant? - Oh my, it certainly was - a light filled, immaculate space. I wish I could keep my house as neat and I only have two dogs!!!

Were you allowed to view health records or the parent dogs or other dogs owned by the breeder? - Yes, I veiwed the records.

Were the dogs well groomed? Yes, they were gorgeous. Patty has an assistant that helps with the grooming.

Were the dogs well behaved and obedient? - Yes, they were all amazing - very happy to greet us and full of doodle kisses.

Was at least one of the parents on site for the visitation? Yes, we met both sets of parents for my two doodles from Patty as well as having others greet us - tails wagging, sit on our laps for hugs and play with while we visited.

Why did you chooses this breeder? - I called her in the beginning because she was from Maine where I live. We spoke at great length during our first conversation and I got a great feeling from her.

Would you buy another dog from this breeder again in the future? - I already have!

I have been to Patty's home twice.

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Name of Breeder?
Log Cabin Labradoodles-Patty Barnes

Location of Breeder?
Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Mini and Medium Australian Labrodoodles

Breeding Dogs and Puppies live in the home and not in a kennel, out building, garage or outside?
Yes they live in her home or a guardian home. My puppy Sheila, was in a guardian home. I saw both homes and the trainer's premises that Patty uses for clients interested in that service.

Was home and property clean and pleasant?
Oh yes. This breeder has 33 acres of land in Maine, with a creek and woods on her property. Her home and her guardians' homes are devoted entirely to Patty;s dogs, male and female. She also has a trainer, whose premises I also saw. There is also a darling guest cottage for people like me that fly in from other states to pick up their dogs. Her entire operation is top notch and her dogs are gorgeous.

Where you allowed to view health records and testing for the parent dogs or other dogs owned by the breeder?
Yes, I saw health records. Patty provides extensive vetcare at her expense before dogs are released to owners.

Were the dogs well groomed?
The dogs were immaculate, darling, friendly. Patty has an assistant to help groom dogs and help to keep her premises spotless.

Were the dogs well behaved and obedient?
They were absolute dolls, taking turns to greet me.

I saw both parents. It was very interesting because the females were all in heat while I was there.

The did you choose this breeder?
Patty is a prize winning breeder. She ships dogs all over the world. She has genuine multi gen Australian doodles w/ pedigrees going all the way back to Australia. She has been in business a very long time, is very smart about who breeds with whom, sends breeding dogs back to other breeders if they have any temperament issues. Temperament was important to me. I want a smart, healthy, calm dog and that is what she provides.

Would you buy another dog from this breeder again in the future?
Yes, my name is already on her list for another dog to be a friend for Sheila.

Comments: Patty is one of a very few breeders left that has lines of dogs directly from Australia that have not been infused (like using a cockapoo for a parent). And she is pleasant to work with and I had so much fun during my 3 day stayover, just seeing her darling New England town, restaurants and the people she has working for her. She is the real deal.



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