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Puppy Zeus (32 weeks old) is now 58.4 lbs. at 25" tall, so I'm not sure if I will qualify for this group. But, I'd love to know what everyone's heavyweight Dood weighed at 7 months of age and the current weight/age. I'm anxious to see everyone's replies. :0)

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Cooper has slowed down! He is just over 6 months (27 weeks) and is 45 lbs. I'm guessing he'll be about 70 but I guess you really never know!

Eight months and almost 60 pounds - he will make it.

Barney is 8 1/2 months and weighs 75+ pounds...he was 71 about six weeks ago so I'm sure he's at least 75 since he has very obviously grown more...yesterday he ate 5 generous servings of dry food so I'm guessing another growth spurt in the near future! Will be getting him weighed soon for heartworm dose so will update then! 

Got Barney weighed today...he is a little over 8 1/2 months and he clocked in at 79.5 lbs...then came home and ate supper haha. He is not fat, but he sure is stout!


Stanlee got weighed this morning, 19 weeks and he weighs 43.6 pounds. 

For those that suck at math as badly as I do, that's 4 months and 3 weeks.

That is right around what Chester was at 19 weeks. He is now 15 months and 80 lbs.

We love our big guy..\Welcome to the Heavy Weights!

That is one handsome guy you got there!

When Molly went to the kennel to be boarded about three weeks ago, she topped the scales at 68 lbs.  She had just turned 7 months old.  I looked at the employee and said, "Are you sure your scales are right?"  I couldn't believe it and still can't!  She had gained 34 pounds since mid-May.

My Finny is 54lbs at 28wks.

Stan is 50½ pounds at 23 weeks.

i met a labradoodle yesterday that was 106lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is a polar bear!!!! lol soo cute though and such a good boy!! :)

Midas is 21 weeks and is 48.4 lbs!! 



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