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Anyone else experience an itchy doodle before? We haven’t changed his food or done anything different the weather has been warm except a little bit more rainy. He’s 5 months old and started itching it started with his ears so I cleaned them out and that seemed to fix that but now he’s licking his paws scratching his shoulders bitting his legs and close to his tail. I know it’s not fleas as he’s on trifexis and I’ve looked at his skin and see nothing. But I do notice when he scratches sometimes some hair comes it and he’ll whine. When we go outside he scratched his face on the wet grass or trampoline. I bathed him and figured maybe because this is the longest he’s gone without a bath (over a month). 

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Will do he he’s been scratching some areas lately I just hope thy don’t have to shave him down but do whatever is best. 

So Friday we went in to the vet because Shooter had foxtails in his paws they took one out and gave him antibiotics hoping some of them would be pushed out today we went back and he had to have surgery to get them removed they shaved off his feet and they actually found a good amount of foxtails in there some of them were just near his webbed toes and others were actually in there. He’s home now super drowsy of course and with his cone of shame that he hates.

I'm glad you got to the root of the problem and hopefully Shooter will heal quickly and have no further problems with this. 

So Friday we went in to the vet they sent us home wth antibiotics and a cone of shame and instructed us to come back Monday we returned today to have him sedated and they pulled a good amount of foxtails out some of them where just stuck on the fur but Others were embedded. He came home drowsy but hoping for a quick recovery



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