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Has anyone here dealt with gastroenteritis in their puppies? Yeti was hospitalized over the weekend and I'm looking to learn more about it. I've been reading a lot on goggle but trust my DK family more. Please feel free to share the good and the bad! This dog momma is worried sick about her little guy.

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Haley, I sent you a PM. 

My knowledge of gastroenteritis is limited to humans, so you'll have to forgive me if it doesn't translate to dogs, but it's usually viral in nature and self limiting - treated with supportive care, so anti nausea meds, and fluids. Then you just have to kind of let it run it's course. What did your vet tell you? 

Hugs to Yeti

In dogs, gastroenteritis is indicative of an inflammatory condition of the GI tract. 

People too. But the origin is usually viral - I have no idea what the source would be in a dog. 

What Yeti has may very well have been misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis. He has a long history of GI issues, and I feel fairly certain these latest symptoms were not caused by a virus. 

Poor guy. That's really rough. GI stuff is notoriously difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat when it's not just the normal 24 hour "flu." I do hope they get some answers and he starts feeling better.

Yes, both of my Doodles have been hospitalized with serious GI symptoms.  In the case of Guinness, both times after testing it was determined that he had Pancreatitis.  With Murphy after going through a detailed diagnostic process which ultimately included a GI work-up and endoscopy by an Internal Medicine Specialist it was determined that he has IBD.  I'm wondering what tests have been conducted and whether he has been seen by a Specialist?  I know how scary all of this is, and I'm so sorry Yeti is going through all of this.  I will say that getting the diagnosis is the most difficult part.  Once you know exactly what the cause is and you have a treatment plan things are so much better.  Good luck.

Thank you all :) I have often wondered if Yeti had more GI issues that were going unnoticed. He has not been seen by a specialist yet. We talked with a couple yesterday and are hoping to get an appointment next week. We have a couple options about 30 minutes from home. We just have to decide if there are advantages with going to a university specialist (UW madison) or just a regular specialist at a clinic. The thing that is kind of perplexing is that phin has also had loose stool. No throwing up for him but definite diarrhea. I'm wondering if Yeti's giardia from September never fully went away. We also walked in the turkey trot on thanksgiving and this all started 2 days later. I'm at such a loss here :( 

I think there are always advantages of going to the university when it's an option. They should be on the very cutting edge of all the research and technology that is available. 

I know it's not internal medicine, but I spoke at length, on the phone, with one of the radiation oncologists at the University of Wisconsin about Katie. She was one of the kindest, most compassionate, and knowledgable vets I've ever spoken to. I was incredibly impressed with her. If she is indicative of the staff they have there I don't think you could go wrong. 

I hope you find some answers for your kids. It's so hard when they're sick. 

I am so sorry for Yeti.  He and Phinn certainly are look-alikes!

How is Yeti doing?

Yeti is doing pretty good! We have his diarrhea pretty much under control and his appetite is pretty normal and he is his usual playful self. Phin our other little guy hasn’t been quite as lucky. They both got sick the weekend after thanksgiving and phin has had on and off loose stool since. We are slowly getting phins under control just realizing that both of our doods will be strictly kibble and boiled chicken fed.

I am saving up money to see a specialist for Yeti. Thank you all for being so concerned with our guy. He is sooo special to me and I don’t know what I’d do if anything g happened to him. Everyone here on DK is just awesome for keeping us in your thoughts.



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