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Has anyone here dealt with gastroenteritis in their puppies? Yeti was hospitalized over the weekend and I'm looking to learn more about it. I've been reading a lot on goggle but trust my DK family more. Please feel free to share the good and the bad! This dog momma is worried sick about her little guy.

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I'm glad they seem to be doing better. I'm sorry if I missed it, but I'm curious, did they both come from the same breeder? I find it interesting that they seem to share GI issues. My girls both have health problems, but since they are mother and daughter I feel like it's understandable that we have some similar (poorly bred) genetics going on.

I hear you on saving up for the specialist. Those vet bills are no joke!

They are not from the same Breeder! It’s very perplexing. And the to be vet bills are petrifying that’s for sure.

Haley, I'm too lazy to go back through the thread to see what probiotics you are using.  VSL#3?  It is a human one and better than the dog ones, even Proviable.

Yes I’ve been giving them both vsl #3. Both dogs are sick right now and I just don’t even know what to do. One if not both dogs have had diarrhea since thanksgiving. yeti was doing fine for a couple of weeks but just woke up throwing up and now he had diarrhea. Yeti has had weird digestive problems which very well could be IBD, but why is Phin sick also too then? I’m sick of crying and wondering what is happening.

Both dogs have been off treats. They get chicken, sweet potato, rice (very little), and kibble depending on how their tummies are doing. It’s possible they both got into something. Maybe ripped up a toy and both ate it or something. But they don’t really get toys either because yeti is a destroyer. I am just at such a loss of what to do here.

It really makes you wonder if they have the same ‘bug,’ infection, exposure to something toxic. I am so sorry.  The hardest thing is not  having a handle on what is wrong. 

I agree with Nancy. It makes me wonder what they could possibly have in common that would make both of them sick. I have no suggestions, but I really hope you can get both of them well. It's hard when we are so worried about them!

Thank you guys so much! I’m hoping to get it under control as well. We withheld food for 12 hours yesterday. No diarrhea and no vomiting so they both got dinner around 7. Both pooped later last night and it wasn’t super great but it wasn’t super runny either. I spoke with a vet tech at our vet office last night for a good 30 minutes or so and she told me to re introduce food very slowly. I feel bad because they seem like they are starving. I gave them 1/4 cup of chicken and 1/4 cup of rice this morning each. She also mentioned feeding 2 breakfasts and 2 dinners so we will try that out. Also trying to limit water because I know too much at once can cause more throwing up, but it’s a slippery slope making sure the get enough. 

I have often thought there may be something toxic around the house they are both getting into but I don’t have the first idea of what that could be. The vet tech said it’s just possible that they both caught a doggie virus and it’s just coincidental that they were just sick. The problem with vomiting and diarrhea is they are basically the starting symptoms for everything :(

Hopefully the slow introduction back to food, smaller, more frequent meals, and watching water intake will be the turning point for both of them.

We’ve been putting 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water in their food with them so they drink while they eat. We also have boiled chicken water I mix in with their regular drinking water to entice them to drink as well. I was trying to make sure all my bases were covered so I also bought non flavored pedialyte. 

Day one I fasted them for 12 hours and gave them 1/4 cup of chicken and 1/4 cup of rice twice at night. They both had “okay” poops and no vomiting.

The next day we gave them 1/4 cup of rice and 1/4 cup of boiled chicken 4 times a day. This seemed to work okay for Phin. Yeti had loose stool. It wasn’t a lot and it was only once (usually when they have diarrhea it’s every couple of hours during the night).

Today I upped Phin to 1/2 cup of both chicken and rice due to the okay stool the night before but kept yeti at the same 1/4 and 1/4 due to his loose stool the night before. My next plan of attack if yetis poops don’t start looking better is to see if he would do better on boiled ground beef.

im praying for a miracle. Thank you so much for your good thoughts!

I'm so sorry that Yeti is still struggling I've been thinking about them often.

Please continue to update us.

Thank you so much!!! Yeti just pooped for the first time since Thursday. It was very small and not great but also not completely watery. His spirits are pretty high and we’re getting a good amount of water in him each day. Im hoping it’s not some kind of bowel obstruction, but time will tell.



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