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Maddie is fed from the homemade raised food and water bowls (better for digestion) I devised for her.  I couldn't justify spending megabucks on a set of raised bowls for her and she can easily stand and eat from this DIY project. Everything is totally washable.

I went to our local $1 store and puchased 2 white metal mesh trash bins, 2 white melamine bowls to fit in the trash bin and a doggie place mat to place them on.

I placed the bins and bowls on the mat in our laundry room. Maddie has never tipped them over but if that was a concern you could place something heavy inside the trash bin to weight it down. 





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Welcome to DK and the DIY group!


What a great idea.  I spent $35 on a neater feeder for Rua.  It was not for the raised bowls aspect, but because we had a Labradoodle before and I had food all over the kitchen floor and water splashed EVERYWHERE (even with a mat)!  I am sure that if I would have really thought about it, I could have devised  something to accomplish my object without spending so much.


Those bowls are so huge...I could almost fit Rua in them.  Maddie is absolutely beautiful!


Your dogge gate project is a great idea too.


BTW, instead of using the "Upload Files" to add pictures (they show up as attachments versus being able to see them in the reply, you can use the "Image" button (2nd from the left) to embed the image into the comment/reply area. 

Thank you so much Dori - I've changed the photos using your great advise. Rua is tiny compared to my big girl - I love her caramel colour - she's a cutie for sure.

Have a great day and a wonderful holiday.

Ingenious! :)
Just saw this. What a good idea and they look good too.
Thank you so much.  Maddie has been using them since she was 4 or 5 months old and has never tipped them over.  Raised bowls help with the digestion but I certainly didn't want to spend the $50+ for them. These cost a total of $5.
What a great idea!!   :)
Thank you Aimee - she's still using them.



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