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I Love this look, Any reason I shouldn't (or couldn't) DIY this? I don't have a pattern or any equipment at the moment, but I LOVE how this looks (maybe a bit more masculine colors for my boy) but, seriously, don't you love this?


(Credit to Etsy Seller:

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OOpS! I jumped the gun! I was reading in the Ring arnound the Collar thread, and posted here immediatly withou back reading! F, looks like you beat me to it!
Can't have too many good ideas!

No reason whatsoever. I use homemade paracord leashes on my two even though they are not up to professional standards. I posted about this a while ago. When you find a good way to fasten the hand loop let me know. I didn't like back braiding or burning the ends of the cord.

This was fun! Take a look:




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