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Any dog will do but especially doodles. They can be doing anything or nothing at all. But they should be current and favorites of yours. They should be special in some way, whether they just please you or they are technically perfect or imperfect but not just one of the thousands we all take often. New photos please.

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Do you know how happy this discussion makes me????? Are we allowed to say, "I have taken this photo of my dog with a bottle of ACV and I think it is a calendar photo. Oh, and you can see my reflection in his eyes. I am wearing an orange bikini." Just want to clarify :)

The c word is forbidden here and throughout the PG as you well know. It is only allowed in C discussions per se and no new ones are permissible until at least August. love, YBD

You are both hilarious.

LOL, Laurie is not going to trick you into using the C word!

Oh, I forgot :) LOL

Senility is not an excuse under my law. Well, except for me of course.

I am shocked that no one asked me what YBD is.

OK, I'll bite. What is YBD??

Your Better Doodle?

Wrong : )

Your benevolent dictator :) I can think of some more things it could stand for, but I bet it would be forbidden to say by F :)

You know me too well Laurie.



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