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Any dog will do but especially doodles. They can be doing anything or nothing at all. But they should be current and favorites of yours. They should be special in some way, whether they just please you or they are technically perfect or imperfect but not just one of the thousands we all take often. New photos please.

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I took these of Charlie yesterday.  They are similar enough to keep only one but I can decide which one. Which is my keeper?




I like #3. It was tough because I like th open mouth of number 2 but the head tilt wins.

I love head tilts also.

I like #2 and #3 but #3 shows more personality in the expression and head tilt.

You'll get votes for all since they all are good. I like number two best where Charlie looks happy and excited.

He is almost always happy and excited - often inappropriately so.  :-}

I'd keep them all but I like #2, #3 and #1 in that order but, they are all nice.

Thanks, Richard.

They are all good; however, picking only one I would choose 3.  When I am in doubt over several images I keep them all.  : )

I have so many almost the same that I am trying to cull them out.  It is hard and i will probably keep them all. :-/

And that is exactly the reason I have soooo many photos on my computer....Lol!

My computer is complaining and I have to delete the trash bin before  it will load any more.  I think I've hit critical mass!  :-}



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