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Any dog will do but especially doodles. They can be doing anything or nothing at all. But they should be current and favorites of yours. They should be special in some way, whether they just please you or they are technically perfect or imperfect but not just one of the thousands we all take often. New photos please.

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Ebony is not the prettiest girl on this planet but, she makes up for that by having the sweetest and most loving personality,  She is a three-year old (despite her gray beard) terrier mix of some kind...

She does want and needs attention from her owners.  Ebony was surrendered when her owners had a baby and she no longer got the attention that she needs.  What Ebony needs is an older retired couple who have no plans to produce any more offspring and who would have plenty of time to give her attention.

I think she is beautiful.   Love that face.

She is cute. I am sure you will find her a good home.

OMD,  I think she is gorgeous.  I LOVE her ears.  I  would have a very hard time resisting her if I saw her at one of your rescue outings.

Wow ~ fantastic portraits of this beautiful girl.

Cookie's puppies are now transitioned from mom's milk to puppy kibble which we grind up and wet down into a gruel.  The "flying saucer bowl" allows each pup an equal chance at the food...

They are doing great! no digestive problems at all in the transition from milk to real food.

They just keep getting cuter!

Speaking of "CUTE" here is Candy's singlet puppy Almond Joy at about four and a half weeks old...

Truly adorable.

Oh my - just darling!

What a cutie!



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