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Thanks, Anne.  Nature was magnificent!

Where were you, DJ?  I am trying to put your absolutely beautiful photos with my memory riding up highway one.

The last one is Pfeiffer Beach at sunset.  The first one is from a cliff along the northern section of Garrapata State Park.  The middle one is near a bridge in the southern section of Garrapata.

Everything was wild and beautiful while I was there.


Simply awesome...

DJ. It's hard to follow your magnificent beach images but here we go.......

Some old houses we came across on a scenic ride Saturday.

A Fall scene.

The same house

The big picture - the sky was so beautiful.

Same house

Haley at Kerr Lake in southside Virginia.

I love seeing your countryside through your lens and creative post-processing, Anne.  Wonderful images!

Thank you, DJ.
I do agree. The second image is so special.
Thank you, F.

Lovely images.  It would be interesting to hear these old houses tell their stories...

Thank you, Richard. I wonder about their histories as well as my house which was built in 1779.



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