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Thanks Carol. The two of them together was unexpected but it's so them. Song laying on Finn's feet like the sweet diva she is - and gentle Finn trying to look "dignified at this turn of events. Today they are good friends :)

I remember your stories about Finn and Song.  Love this image.

Lovely fall images and B&W images. The one of Song and Finn is priceless.

These are wonderful photos, Cheryl.  The fall colors are gorgeous, the horse photos are dramatic, the vista is very fun, and the last one is truly special.

Great Doodle - Cat picture!

I love the coast of California in the area known as Big Sur.  I just returned from a short trip there--no internet, no cell phone, and alas, no dog.  But it was good to unwind for a few days.  I can still smell the fresh salt air.  Here are a few sample image of the coastal and beach views.

These are gorgeous DJ.

Thank you--this place is so wonderful.

Breathtaking DJ! Are the first and the last super long exposures?

Thanks.  Yes, #1 is a 23 second exposure and the third one is a 13 second expose.  The first was taken in early morning light, the second at sunset.


DJ, These images are absolutely magnificent!



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