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It may be early but I sense a new beginning. So let's have life in all forms, animals, plants, doodles and people. Happy images are just what we need.

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New blossoms!  I can't wait to see what is blooming in my neighborhood.

This does me good :)

Lovely Nancy. Such a delicate looking flower.

Sadly, what is also blooming are foxtails.  My hill is full of them and I've got to get them weeded before they dry and ripen.   Because of the rain they look totally different when starting and I didn't recognize the 'tall grass' as foxtails until they started to 'ripen.'  I am so mad at myself.

Beautiful flower.  My daffodils do have heads, but I am afraid it will be a couple of weeks yet before they pop!

Dramatic and so pretty.

One happy doodle over his find.  Disclaimer:  smartphone photo.

New life in the pasture.

What is his find? Looks like a partially skeletal bird. Love the cows and calves and how green things are.

F, it is a deer leg that some critter dropped off for Haley.  Re cows:  Thank you.


Mr. Haley looks very proud of himself!  You are getting very good with that phone of yours. 



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