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It may be early but I sense a new beginning. So let's have life in all forms, animals, plants, doodles and people. Happy images are just what we need.

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Thanks Carol.

Such a glorious pink geranium.  I am hoping all my perennials survive the tough winter we had this year.  My daffodils are in bloom (finally)  Amazing the old building is still standing and it looks perfectly straight! Love the sepia coloring.

Thanks Linda.  They used to build with large lumber instead of the toothpicks they use today.  As long as the roof is whole and termites don't get to them they usually stand straight for a long time. My daffodils were several weeks late this year.

I want to see that cabin for myself. It is wonderful!

Thank you for the feel of spring.  Lovely geranium.  And another magical building from another time.

The geranium makes me excited for spring!

Animal life in my backyard during golden hour.

Something spooked the buck.

They made their escape.

Great action especially the second.
Thanks F. I was shooting on continuous and found that image when I reviewed the series.


Thanks Nancy.

Wow! Great.   That second one is amazing!



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