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It's cold outside. So it's a great month to focus on indoor shooting.

For this assignment I'm not going to request that you use a flash or any fancy lighting. Natural light should be fine. We can take the principles for shooting outdoors inside. We will need to probably up the iso on our cameras (most modern cameras handle it pretty well). 

Tips and ideas:

Look for the light: place your dog near a window or a lamp. Window light is awesome and can be quite dramatic. Have your dog looking towards the light works really well.

Pay attention to your backgrounds: Clutter can be your enemy (I know it's mine.) Often I will find my self running around and clearing items that are distracting in the picture. Another way to remove it is to shoot with very shallow DOF. 

Find things in your house that you can use as backdrops, or props (Laurie is the queen of props!)

Capture those everyday moments or those cute little things about your dog that you will cherish forever. The most important part of all of this.

Have fun. Can't wait to see what you all come back with.

Oh, very important, if you are shooting indoors with tungsten light or any other artificial light source pay careful attention to your white balance. 

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I love both images of these doodle snuggling up on a winter day.

They are so much more cooperative when they only have to lay there. Very cute.

Handsome Vern looks so comfy. 

Do screen porches count as inside?

What a happy doodle!!!

Screen porches count. How do you get him looking so happy? I get the death look.

Is this all natural light?

Thank you, Nancy.  Yes, only natural light.

As to happy, Haley is a happy doodle and mostly has two looks; happy and serious.

Great picture.  I have to ask what were your settings?

Thanks.  I just saw your reply, Joani.

ISO 400, f6.3, 1/80, 72mm

He he I love his happy face!

Thank you, Camilla.

Happy Haley clearly loves fresh air.



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