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At last a December Assignment. We are going with the list Anne suggested but as usual anything goes, especially doodles.*3*bzTZLQU8-9jphBToC5OJG6Gdlq2ZM9U3qddvfFP1G5mfsuRjqEhizXoFmlpqyh5y73R0g27MU-42/DEC.PHOTOADAY.jpg

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Love the use of shadow in the composition.

Love this!


Thanks. It does feel free when we take off on the bike. The fires here are terrible and our rides have been sidelined as there are fires in all directions around us. One of our dk members has been evacuated due to the Lilac Fire which has zero containment. Prayers to her. 

So sorry to hear all this. Hope you all stay safe.

I've been thinking of you Nancy and wondered if you were near.    Just watching the news from across the country is so frightening.    Keeping you all in our prayers.

Thanks, Carol.  The fires are north, east and south of us, basically.  Far enough away not to endanger us, but close enough to make travel difficult.

Stay safe.  My brother had to evacuate in Ventura, but all my family there are safe.

Thankful for that, DJ.

I do hope you stay safe. The situation is very bad there from what I see on the news.

A different expression of travel :) Hope everyone is Cali is safe.  So frightening and keeping everyone affected in our prayers. I'm headed to northern CA for Christmas.  Fingers crossed.

Have a lovely trip, Cheryl.



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