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At last a December Assignment. We are going with the list Anne suggested but as usual anything goes, especially doodles.*3*bzTZLQU8-9jphBToC5OJG6Gdlq2ZM9U3qddvfFP1G5mfsuRjqEhizXoFmlpqyh5y73R0g27MU-42/DEC.PHOTOADAY.jpg

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Thank you, Camilla.


That's quite a cupboard! The patterns are beautiful.

When we moved to this house there was a huge beehive under the siding. A beekeeper came from N. C. and removed it. He kept the bees and honey for his trouble.

Beekeeper removing siding to get to beehive.


(Before digital.  Scanned 35m prints)

What a huge hive. Scary.

What was really scary was the number of bees swarming around the side of the house.

Our neighbors had the same thing when they moved in. They had to pay. They kept hearing the buzzing when they were in their master bedroom, but it took a while to figure out what it was.

So interesting!

I didn't even know that could happen -- at least not one that big.  Wow!

This makes me shiver - but it's so cool!

Great shadow. Hope all you Californians stay safe.



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