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I can't post to the old discussion and I think it has grown beyond all expectations so please post her from now on. This is a continuation of Joanne's Bird discussion: Birds

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Thanks F.    Did you ever imagine that your Photography Group would flourish as it has?!

Sandy, re heron-snake photos. Fascinating. Clearly it didn't,t bother the turtles. And the heron doesn't like it''s food well done : ) I'm glad you captured this for us.
I think I couldn't post, for future reference, because of an emoticon I had in my response. But we really did need a fresh bird discussion, anyway.

Sandy,  I love all the birds photos from your bird shoot outing.  What a wonderful experience it must have been for you.  The heron series is really amazing.  I have seen them eat fish and frogs but never a snake.  Last night I watched Nature about the giant Burmese pythons in Florida.  They eat Great Blue Herons among other things! 

In your first series from this shoot, all are good but my favorites are the Cowbirds, first shot of the Scissor Tailed Flycatcher and the first shot of the Roadrunner.

Keep shooting and posting birds.

Now you have given me a vision of a heron eating a snake and being eaten by a python at the same time. Ugh.
: )
Great photos Sandy. You have such a diversity of birds near you. I find it amazing but then I just wait for birds to come to my yard : )

Love the first ones with the bird and water bubbles!  Terrific, Sandy.


Wow!!!! wonderful Sandy!

These are beautiful Sandy, just beautiful!



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