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I can't post to the old discussion and I think it has grown beyond all expectations so please post her from now on. This is a continuation of Joanne's Bird discussion: Birds

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I have been trying to take a photo of this little guy for several days and he is so flighty!  With his back to me, I was able to get a reasonable focus before he spotted me!

He is a beauty.

Thanks F

Love Goldfinches.  I see a lot of them when the lawn needs to be mowed and there are lots of dandelion seed heads.  They will visit my sunflower feeder but only when they are in the vicinity.  It does'nt keep them around.  I know they love Nyjer seed but so do house finches and I refuse to feed those hordes expensive seed.

I agree.  When I had the feeder near the birdbath, we had chukkar, quail, goldfinches and you name it.  We have a ton of house finches.  My robin did not return to the cherry tree in my flower garden this year and I was disappointed.  In hindsight, I do not think I should have placed metal windmills in the flower garden (I was trying to discourage picket gopher).  Instead, I think all the movement, drove off the robins.  They moved over our fence into our blue spruce.  I can still see them from my office window - which is a treat.

This is beautiful!

Who would ever thought - Sunflowers and Hummingbirds!


I was surprised when this little bird flew into my viewfinder while I trying to compose a shot.  This is a huge field of sunflowers.  I am going to try to go back this afternoon and try a panorama, and perhaps more hummingbirds.  : )



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