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DJ gave me the only suggestion this go round. Let's all to something different photographically. Make a collage or something else interesting with your images. Or turn your image into black and white. Or either in camera or in editing go for special effects. The subject(s) are poster's choice.

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 I'll kick this off with a black and white conversion.  Butterflies have beautiful color, so why would I convert a butterfly image to black and white?  In this case, I wanted to emphasize form,  with so many lovely curves--from the curves in the leaves to the wings and wing patterns.  Without color, these elements stand out.

Very lovely DJ. Even the legs and antennae stand out.

Thanks, F

The B&W conversion is beautiful, DJ!

Thanks, Anne

Beautiful!  In black and white, your eye is drawn to the butterfly and nothing else. Look at those delicate legs and antennae.

Thanks, Nancy.  They are such beautiful little creatures.

Stunning, DJ!

Thanks, Laurie!  Want to some of your images in this discussion :))))

Beautiful conversion to black & white.  

Thanks, Linda

This is so beautiful.   Such clarity, softness and flow.



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