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Some might argue this is a continuation of last month. Carol Ann might say, "You've got to be kidding". She has a ton of snow right now. But this can be a spring in your step, in your bed or just about whatever you want. Enjoy spring!

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Wow - just really love this one.  The colors are wonderful!

Thanks, Linda .

Love the colors on this one. Our lawn is in serious need of mowing, but I am waiting for John to tune up the mower. We may need to borrow that tractor soon,

Thanks, Laurie.  Otis has mowed outs 3 or 4 times.

Love the little tractor framed by the tree.

Thanks, DJ.  BTW, the tractor is a HUGE farm tractor.

LOL, yes.  But it in that beautiful landscape, it could be a toy!

Spring Visitor.

Oh I love it,  Carol.  The pot adds a wonderful pop of color and your visitor is adorable.

Thanks DJ.   Too soon to the empty pot adds nice color ... until!

I agree....the pot adds so much to this picture.  I love everything about it!

Love your visitior, Carol.  What a long tail it has!



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