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A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron

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Just saw this book featured in an ad in today's New York Times Book Review - checked out the reviews on amazon and all 18 that posted gave it 5 stars...quite a ringing endorsement!  

It does sound like a sad, but inspiring, premise. Is anyone familiar with it? I need to start accumulating suggestions for a long plane trip; this may be a top choice.

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I am 40 pages away from finishing this book and it is outstanding! I am not a big reader at all, and will have - over the course of one weekend - read the entire book. I have smiled, laughed, cried and thought so much about my dog from reading this book. Yes... there are sad parts, but it is an amazing read - I highly recommend it!
Just finished the book - loved it!
I did, too! I read it while vacationing in Tuscany - one of the things I loved best about the vacation! Seriously, the day we spent lounging around the beautiful castle we stayed in, high atop the rolling hills and vineyards of Chianti. I read til I had tears rolling down my face numerous times, but oh what a heartwarming tale!

OK, how'd you do that, Christine??? You took a photo of the book cover? However you did it, it's a good way for others to be able to identify the book - I saw last week that it's for sale in Costco now. In fact, that's where I bought a copy to send the woman in Tuscany who rented out the apt's in the castle we stayed at where I read this book and sobbed in her garden, supported by her beagle and boxer.

My husband is reading the book now - took him til about page 100 he said to get into it but now that he has, he says he looks at our "doodle dog" in an entirely different way! He said he's always wondering what Bosco is thinking....
My only question ~ does it end sad? I can't do dog stories with sad endings - I am a whimp.
I've seen this, but now will read it, based on y'alls recommendation.
Hi Denise,

Now I'm not about to give away any endings, of course -- but I can say there were various parts of that prompted some tears but they were balanced out by times I smiled, giggled and even laughed out loud. W will also say it left me a feeling as warm as a puppy's piddle in my lap when I was done!

Does that help??

I loved this book so much! I loved reading about each different life, but the last life was my favorite. When he was reunited with his boy... oh man I teared up!
This looks interesting! My Mother in law has always had dogs (often 2 at a time). her last dog passed away a year ago (the other one passed away s few years ago) and she is ready to get another dog in a few months (of course Im trying to persuade her to get a doodle!). She is always looking for new interesting books to read..... do you think this will be suitable?
Kaitlyn, I think "A Dogs Purpose" would make a fantastic holiday gift for your mom in law, esp. if she's considering getting a new dog! Like the others posting on this book, I found I could hardly put it down once I started reading it.
I'm going on another long trip in a few weeks (18 hour plane ride) and looking for suggestions so if anyone has any, please do share, dog-related or otherwise. In fact, I think there's a board somewhere on here for that purpose I'll try to check out, too.
I agree, Kaytlin, I think your mom would love this book. It's touching and funny and just a really great book.



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