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My little sweetie is 4 months old, and still losing her teeth, but we are wondering how long it will be until she will stop chewing on us!  Right now, it seems as though she almost can't help herself.   Any ideas on how to teach her??

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I have a 7 wk old that loves to bite my fingers and pants, I say sternly  "OUCH!  NO BITE!"  I will then give her a toy and she leaves me alone for a few minutes.   I do believe that  since puppies have a short attention span, It takes consistency of saying the same response  each time,  for your puppy to be able to file it away into her long term memory  as " ouch no bite" means  I better  STOP!   that's why you wonder why they are just not catching on...It just needs to get filed into that long term memory spot in her brain. One day it will and then you'll have a dog that wont bite ya, hopefully :)    

When Bailey and Josie were younger and bit, I would tell them "NO BITE!" Laurie said, it eventaully did the trick. Now we have Sophie who is six months old and still bites. We have continued to do the same thing with her, and I just keep hoping that she figures it out. Good luck!

im the the same boat...6 months old...still mouthing!!! is there a light at the end of the tunnel????

Mojo was a wild little bitter when I brought him home at 8 weeks. He was relentless growling and jumping up, biting me drawing blood and tearing my clothing but in a playful way wagging his tail so not aggressive. He just wanted me as his playmate. One day he jumped up and bit my breast OMD it hurt. I was feeling a bit depressed at how things were going, I wanted a cuddle buddy but he just wanted to bite, I tried the high pitched squeal but it made him more hyper and he bit harder, The coins in a can just made him crazier so on to a spray bottle of water, he ignored it ugh! So I tried re-directing to toys, and leaving the room when he wouldn't stop, but when I came back in he started right back to biting. Where was the cuddly sweet puppy I brought home? I just kept redirecting and bandaging my bites I  made sure he got lots of excessive and walks on leash to tired him out. . About a month ago he started slowing down on the biting, I started massaging him and hugging and slowly he responded, he loved the massages and it calmed him down. Now hes six months old and hardly biting at all, hes turning into my love doodle and I'm so happy with him. All dogs are different and respond better to some things than others but no matter stay strong and consistent with whatever your doing.  And very important stay calm.

If she bites too hard (as in anytime her teeth put pressure on your skin) - yell "OUCH!" and walk away from her.  This will teach her that if she bites play time is over.

It worked like a charm for our "land shark" (aka Luna) - the seemingly unstoppable urge to bite stopped when she finished teething at around 6 months old.

If there is any good news it is that as soon as those puppy teeth are gone it doesn't hurt quite as much as you are getting close to that point.

It's funny because as I'm reading these posts, my puppy is biting my leg. Lets see today she has:

Bit my hubby's boot, and drug it across the livingroom.

Bit my son's leg hair, armpit  hair, his head  (he's 16 and a hairy ape)

my toes, my pants, my leather chair, the carpet, the molding on the wall, a variety of  childrens toys.

We have only had her  for 24 hours....But i wouldn't change a thing!!!!

I remember this stage in both my doodles so well.  Each dog is different in how long it lasts and how quick they pick up that they are not suppposed to do that.  When I had my Sasha and she was going thru that stage I tried it all too.  The best that worked was when she started the bitting I would just re-direct and put a chew toy in her mouth and what worked for her was if she started I would firmly say no and go behind a closed door and wait a few minutes.  When I got my Oliver his bitting and chewing stage did not last as long as Sasha's did, I don't know if it was because she was there correcting him??? Not that he did not go thru the biting/chewing stage he did... but it just did not seem as bad or as long.

I got side tracked... I guess the chewing stopped around 9-10-11 months old with my two. 

Our 8 month old still loves to chew, but seems to be able to stop himself more than he could from chewing on people. He still try's to put his mouth on the kids, but is easily stopped with a sharp word now.

Our 8 & 1/2 month old still puts his mouth on us constantly, he's gentle about it though. It's not nearly as bad as it was when we first brought him home. All he did was chew when we first got him. You could never snuggle, or cuddle him because all he did was bite, bite, bite, bite, bite. He no longer bites, now he just greets you with his mouth wide open and wraps it around your hand, or arm or leg, or ankle, or clothing. :-)

 Hi  ,,,, we were having the same problem , on time she nipped me on the back of the leg and I thought I was going to loose it on her.  saying ouch  didn't work on her but what did made a difference was  I  take a hold of her  mouth on eash side of her face and say no bite . the only time she now  tries to nip is when she gets excited  . It seems to be working and she is doing it less and less.  keep in mind I do no put presure on her face as I do not want to hurt her , the tone of my voice seems to work .



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