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My labradoodle is 8 months old. When should I change his puppy food to adult food? It seems like he has a sensitive stomach. What kind of food do you guys recommend?




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I'd recommend Wellness for sure! Bernie loves it, and we've actually switched between a couple puppy formula's within their line-up and his stomach has done well, rumor is, switching between higher quality foods is A LOT easier. It's not cheap, but I can't tell you how much better I feel giving him 'the good stuff'. He's totally worth it.

No matter what you choose, always change over in small increments though, make sure you buy the food you're switching to when you have at least have a couple week's worth of the old stuff left. I think it's pretty consistent that you start with a new to old ratio of 25/75, 50/50, 75/25 and do each for 3-4 days at least, depending on their stomach's sensitivity. I've also read larger breeds will continue maturing until 18 months, so I'd wait til at least 12, assuming you're in no rush?

On a lighter note, your doodle is adorable!!

I think you're right about it depending on size. Bernie is over 55 lbs at 7 months so we're thinking we have a late bloomer =)
I highly recommend Fromm. I had a 15 month old dog when I brought Vern home and he kept getting into Fudge's food, so I switched them both to Fromm (Four Star). It was great for both the puppy and the older dog.

I hadn't really though of this yet... Hudson is a medium (should be about 35lbs) and he is currently 6 months and on puppy food (orijen). He barely eats half of the recommended amount for his weight and age, I wonder if I should by the adult kind next? hmm....

Did Hudson always eat as little or has he reduced the amount? Cooper (a standard size labradoodle - 60lb) ate almost 4 cups of Orijen, then decided she didnt need as much and cut herself down to 2 cups a day once she had grown.


i suggest you both join the food group!

He has always eaten what he currently eats, about 2 cups a day. He has recently started vomitting in the night/morning in his kennel.... I am going over to the food group to see what i can find or start a discussion later today :)
I switched Shelby - Medium ALD - to adult food at one year.   I feed her Fromm and she loves it... but it can be hard to find.  I am also a fan of Orijen and Wellness (for quality) ... but Fromm seems to be the best for her.
This is funny as I just asked Rooney's breeder this today!  Her answer - she keeps her dogs on Orijen Puppy till they are 1 year old.  Thats my plan and I'm sticking to it.
Wow,  I may be late to the game!  I was told that he should stay on the puppy food until he's two from the girl in the Pet store.  I haven't asked the vet.  Brinkley is 1 year 3 months.  Should I switch him when his puppy food gets low.  Currently he's on Purina One Large Breed for puppies.  He's almost 60lbs.
Heather, Have you been on the Food Group site yet ? Lot's of great info on dog food. You will get quite an education on Purina and when and what types of foods to use for a 15 month old dog



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