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So far we've got two new doodle info pages/infographics:

Feeding a New Doodle Puppy: Feeding%20Your%20Doodle%20Puppy%20Final.png

Choosing a Responsible Doodle Breeder: Choosing%20a%20Responsible%20Doodle%20Breeder.pdf

What is important to create next?  If someone has an idea you love or you agree is most important, respond with a vote of "YES" or similar.  Then I can get an idea of what you'd like to see most.

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Something to do with coat types and grooming needs? Many people seem unprepared for the time and/or expense that goes into grooming.

And uneducated about ear cleaning/infections. 

I gotta tell you that when I got my first doodle (in 2006) I had no idea that any dog needed to be clipped.  I had only had shepherds and shepherd crosses.  We could not believe that our doodle's hair kept growing longer and longer and she didn't shed!!!  Luckily for me, I had google and figured it out!  What an eye opener!  Funny thing is we didn't even think that a dog could not shed and Zak didn't!  Bonus for us lol!  When Zak died, we knew a lot more but still hadn't found this website!  We just knew that we wanted another doodle!  My Myla is awesome in every way, she doesn't shed, her personality is the very best for us but I could never trust again that we would have a non-shedding dog and now that I'm used to it, I know that when Myla leaves us (OMG, hopefully a very long time), I couldn't gamble on the coat and I would probably go with a poodle who is guaranteed not to shed! 

My thoughts also, BG

Puppy Biting!!!!

Maybe "Hypoallergenic Doodles"???  I really find it sad (for the doodles) that people really believe that doodles are hypoallergenic!  I  know this website could not be more forthcoming in that everyone states it's not true, but maybe there could be a page designated for this!  It brings me to tears every time someone says that they have to re-home due to allergies. 

I like this idea. 

I like this idea also.   It could be labeled something like Marketing Hype about Doodles or False Advertising about Doodles or What You Should Know BEFORE You Buy (using information we currently have in a longer format). The page could list common more allergy friendly breeds.

I like the coat and grooming suggestion, and the hypoallergenic (could be combined with shedding) idea. As soon as I say I have doodles, invariably the response is either a comment about them not shedding or being hypoallergenic. I spend a lot of time explaining that many of them do shed, and many of them are not allergy friendly.

I think we need a page on Grooming/Coats, and Puppy Biting, and Hypoallergenic Doodles! We need all three pages. This group had great suggestions.

Agree.  I like all 3 ideas.   I'd I'd expand the hypoallergenic page the way Nancy suggests.  I can't believe how many people tell me they think Doodles are the perfect dog!  We know they are awesome, but perfect? Hmmmm...

And the worst about the expectation of a "perfect dog" is that it's the main cause of doodles being rehomed. I call it "failure to meet expectations"...whether that be non-shedding, hypoallergenic, "good with kids/perfect family dog", "bred to be service dogs", "low maintenance", inaccurate size predictions, "moderate exercise/energy", and the list goes on. I wrote a blog about it here once.



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