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Maggie is 13 wks and I have been taking her in our fenced in yard to do her duty. Now my son says I should leash her for potty time. When unleashed she does well but when leashed she just won't concentrate and continually bites at leash. Help!

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I wouldn't leash her for potty time, I'd start doing leash work separately, on walks. A puppy obedience class would be a good idea. 

From the get go, I always went out with them for their potty breaks.  It is good to know, what is happening with them and also it is great training when you are right there to give them positive reinforcement when they do their job!  I was more concerned with teaching them to tell me when they had to go out to potty and we used the poochie bells on the door from the beginning.  Regardless of what method you use,  your puppy is very young and there will be accidents.  You are probably still looking at several months of potty training - IMO.  Most get it down at 4 - 6 months.  I have heard if you have had no accidents for a 30 day period, they are considered reliable. Good luck.  Maggie is sure a cutie.  Enjoy her.

Many don't have yards and their dogs learn to potty on-leash from the get-go.   I vote that if you have a yard, then go outside with her and see what she does, but don't leash her.



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