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Since I've got the HDA medal in my possession, I thought this might be the best time to address its future.  (There will be a future, we just have to decide what that is)

For those new to Doodle Kisses, first, I want to share with you a little history about this prestigious title and award given only to the most dedicated Doodle Kisses members ;-)

It all started in the spring of 2009.  I thought it might be fun to award our most active participants and start a fun tradition so I had a trophy made with the title of "Hopeless Doodle Addict" to go along with our in site activity-based ranking system (see the leaderboard).  At the time I was the "top" HDA (recently usurped by 4 others!!!) and sent it to the person with the next highest participation points along with a couple of trinkets that said something about me along with a note in a small notebook. (Read the first post on this here.)

(Note the black beauty in this photo is not Boca, but the late great Thule.  She would be 11 by now)

The recipient was to take a photo with the trophy and their doodles, keep the gifts, and send on the trophy, notebook and gift to the next person in line...and so on ad infinitum.

We kept track of who got it next with our leaderboard, which worked well for a long time.  Along the way, the trophy broke, got repaired and broke again so we auctioned it off and replaced it with an HDA medal

This Thursday I was lucky enough to get the HDA medal and a box of goodies delivered to me at the Walla Walla Romp by Nancy on behalf of Maryann, Roo and Tigger (click on their name to see an example of what happens if you get the HDA medal!).  

In my goodie box were: a stuffed squeeky toy for Rosco and for Boca, a big box of poop bags, a collapsable water/food bowl for each, bandanas for each, two treat bags, and collar lights for each.  Thank you Maryann! 

So now we have to decide what we'll do next.  You may have heard we're changing website platforms in July.  With this change means we will no longer have the leaderboard and rankings will vanish.  While we can record who's who on the last day of the old platform, that won't do for the future.  So please have your input.  How shall we continue this tradition? 

One possibility is that we just make it go to whoever responds first (and wants it and hasn't had it yet) to each person's "I've got the HDA post."  And because sending big boxes is pricey, we can also consider limiting the size so nobody feels that they either have to one-up the last box of goodies or bow out.  It's all up for discussion.  Comment away!



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Originally, the trophy was sent to the next person with a small ($5.00 limit) gift for the human recipient, not gifts for their dogs. It was the human who had earned the trophy after all, not the dog. :) The gifts also had something to do with the sender, represented them in some way. Maybe a connection to where they lived, their ethnic heritage, etc. Somewhere along the way all of that changed, along with the dollar limit multiplying considerably. I'd like to see it go back to the original idea. It was more meaningful IMO and also a LOT less expensive. :) 

Yes I like the dollar limit.  It doesn't have to be $5, but definitely not what I imagine many have paid so far.  And the bigger/heavier the box the more shipping costs...yay for a light HDA medal!  Big packages really makes it cost-prohibitive for anyone outside of the USA.  I'd love it to go back to small and meaningful. 

I like this idea. Mostly because I would be afraid that I would purchase something that could not be used by the recipient doodle, or that someone would waste money on purchasing something for Orwell that he would destroy in 30 seconds. 

He's not the only one. There are many dogs here who are on restricted diets, and many who destroy toys. :)

Darn,......just when I thought I was close to having enough points to be a recipient!! I think there are still quite a few "hopeless doodle addicts" on the list that never received it. So, as you said if on the last day of DK as we know it, the list could be printed out and the medal could still make it's way around those people? Of course, once that list is completed there would need to be a new way of working out who to send it to next..........

I think it is still nice to include a small gift for the owner and doodle(s) that the medal is heading to next, but maybe have some kind of limit on how much people should be spending so that things don't get out of hand!

Maybe posting a photo of the list so people on the list can identify themselves if they want to be a part of it.  "Here's who is eligible.  Raise your hand if you want to participate" and then going by that list (of hand raisers) until we exhaust it?

Otherwise,it's a lot of emailing people who may or may not be active presently and may or may not want to participate. 

That's probably a good idea as I'm sure you are right, there are people that have HDA status that aren't active on DK anymore. If the new platform is iPad friendly I know I'll be more active :)
Me too, Stella! I was curious to know what comes after "doodle enthusiast," LOL! It seems like a fun tradition. I'm go-with-the-flow, so however it goes - it seems like a nice thing to do. And being considerate of people's different budgets makes a lot of sense. :) have fun!
Yep, I've been a 'hopeless doodle addict' for ages, but never seemed to be at the right place on the list to get the medal!!

Cindy, I just became a Doodle Lover from Doodle Enthusiast.

Aha! :)

Oh and YOU DO have enough points.  You only need 8,000.  So as long as you meet the HDA status you're not too far off considering many people with more points are not active right now and will probably say "pass" if they respond at all.



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