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I'm fostering a standard poodle. I know many of you also have standard poodles. He is 4 months old - 17 wks and he is 18" tall and 23#. Is the same general rule true for him as doodles. Should he mature at 23 x 2 plus about 5? (or about 51#). That's on the small side for a standard isn't it?

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I think the same rule is about right =) Cute poodle pup!!!!
Breed standard for standard poodles calls for an average weight of 55 lbs; there is no upper height limit, they must be over 15" at the shoulder. I had never heard of any "rule" for predicting a dog's adult size before I came into the doodle forums, but retrievers in general reach full growth (including weight) later than standard poodles do, as a rule, so I don't know if that formula holds much water in this case. At any rate, if he ends up at the size you've calculated, he might be a bit small, but certainly well within the average range.
He's adorable, regardless. Wonderful face. I hope he goes to a fabulous home, and bless you for fostering him.
He is adorable!!!
Seamus (Poodle) is 8 months old and 25" tall. He only weighs about 49#. He is tall and skinny, at the moment, but eats well and will fill out. He is already taller than Caeleach (Doodle), though she weigh 12# more.
Just wanted to pop in a say he is absolutely adorable! What a face! I love how it's groomed. Bless you for doing this....I was asked to foster a maltese from a puppy mill raid about 5 years or so ago.....she never left! LOL
what sweet faces. the doodle is gorgeous. where are you located? god bless you for fostering him.



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