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As many of you know, if you shop at using our referral link, we earn a commission on each sale. We in turn donate 25% of all DK profits to Doodle Rescue and Dog Rescue. So your Christmas shopping can support these wonderful Doodles that we all love so much. Here are the links:


If you are in the US and need an easy to remember link, you can go to This link will redirect you to the Amazon site and give you a confirmation page that you are on your way there through our link.

It's really easy. Whenever you are going to buy something at Amazon, just go to their site through our link. Then everything you buy in the next 24 hours will give us a small commission. If you are buying another day, come back and go through our link again to make sure we get credit. (Note: The Amazon site will look identical to the Amazon site you already use. The only difference is how you get there.)

If you are a true Hopeless Doodle Addict, you will change your Amazon bookmark address to use our address. That way you don't have to remember to use our link and we will still get a commission. :-)

Thank you so much for your support! Through your actions we can all support the dogs that we love... and of course your favorite Doodle web site. ;-) Let us know what you think of this program in the comments. And if you used the link to buy from Amazon, drop a comment here and let us know. We sure appreciate it!

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Adina, is there a way to feature this link right on the main page?  It will be a great reminder.

Hi Jane,

That's a good idea.  I put the little Amazon "ad" back up to the right of the site logo on all pages.  It links to this discussion (and not directly to Amazon) so that those in Canada and the UK can get the correct links.

Hope that helps!

Perfect Clark...thanks!

Used my link!   Thanks for putting it back up.

I guess I must be a true addict. I buy things from Amazon frequently and use the DK-Amazon link on my bookmark toolbar so no thinking is needed to go through the link.

yep - me too!


I thought I had bookmarked it also, but apparently hadn't so I kept going back to the original discussion.  Is this stupid or what? I now have it on my toolbar rather than in 'favorites' grouped under something I can never find.  But I still like the front page link.


Double Ditto!!

Do you have a link to the Doodle Rescue that also benefits?  I Googled the name and several pop up.  TIA and keep up the great work!

Just ordered a lake rake using the DK Amazon link. Mike

Big Amazon day, ordered a wallyball thru the DK Amazon link mine sprung a leak tonight. Mike



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