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Rosco is 11 and in the past 3 weeks he's had 3 pee accidents. So three questions:

1) What's the best way to collect urine for sampling in a big dog?  When he was a pup I used a ladle to catch it but he was tiny and close to the ground.  He's tall and pees like a horse now.  Where can I get a 6 foot long-handled ladle?  Maybe a vase.

2) Anyone have experience with amazing dog bed liner that is truly 100% waterproof?  I had to cut off the last one because the zipper wouldn't budge and I was NOT going to wrangle the pee puddle, but it did the job and they don't sell them at petco anymore.  I don't want new dog beds, just a waterproof cover.  I can't seem to find any on Amazon that don't have a few bad reviews and stories of pets who have soaked through the liners.

3) Assuming there's no UTI, what are the chances Rosco's bladder control is going downhill at age 11?  Any of you have experience with senior dogs and bladder control?  How do/did you manage?  Frankly it took him a full two years to be reliable in the house...and even then if we went out too long at night after he'd had a nice long was iffy.  I'm thinking this does not bode well.

(P.S. It's been almost 7 months since Boca's knee surgery and she's doing quite well.  I still cringe when she has zoomies or runs from the back door to the back fence at lightning speed or jumps, but she seems to be doing well on her leg/knee and not in pain).


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Sorry to hear this, Adina. 12 year old JD has been experiencing bladder leakage when he's asleep for the past several months; in his case, it's partly due to age, and partly due to nerve loss from his disc problems. (And being on prednisone doesn't help, lol)

1. The easiest thing is to let the vet techs catch the sample. They have the ladles, lol. Otherwise, try using a large disposable plastic container.

2. I went to a baby store and bought waterproof crib pads for JD's bed. 

3. When I mentioned this issue to Jack's holistic vet this week during his acupuncture session, she told me there is a drug for urinary incontinence in male dogs. I don't know the name of it, or whether it's for seniors in particular, but I plan to ask his regular vet about it. 

Hope this helps. 

We have a few crib pads.  But the way Rosco digs in his bed, I need something that stays together and doesn't shift.  Thought I suppose if it is big enough...

You could try some Velcro straps with them I suppose.

The pads I bought are pretty big. Not sure they'd stay put with an 80 lb dog digging on them, though. :) 

Maybe double stick tape? 

I am sorry to hear this Adina. I have no real advice but I did recently buy crib pads rthrough Amazon. I wish we could bookmark pertinent discussions. Luca will be 9 soon and no urinary problems as yet. But the lipomas are arriving.

Oh we have an abundance of lipomas.  None that are in the way, thank goodness. He's got a "D-cup" high on his chest...under his neck, not between his front legs.  But it would be as much as Boca's hip surgery for something that is not strictly necessary.

No, I am not doing anything about them although I occasionally get the urge to just lop them out. Getting older is not easy for any species.

Sorry to hear this - hopefully it's something simple like a UTI.

I was thinking of buying one of these to put on Myla's bed after she has a bath - she loves laying on her bed with a fleece blanket over her, but the bed gets really wet.  I'm not sure what they're like though. 

Urine collection - I still use a ladle, even with my big boys!

Bed cover - don't know if you want to go the custom made route, but I can highly recommend this company. I had a waterproof cover made for the Big Shrimpy bed that I won here a couple of years ago, and I use it as my dogs bed at outdoor agility trails. The cover has held up really well.

Pee troubles - if it is an age thing and not a UTI, he may be helped by a canine rehab therapist / Physiotherapist that has done training in pelvic floor issues.

I am so happy that Boca is doing well and sorry that Rosco is not.  I hope is is a UTI so that is is an easy fix.  As Karen suggested, crib pads, however you can by the same thing at fabric stores by the yard, and cut it to fit.  I did that for when our grand kids slept in the RV.  Or, how about looking at the dollar store for a zippered plastic mattress pad in twin size.  You could use tape to adjust the size before putting the dog bed cover back on.   I love blue painter's tape!

I have no suggestions other than those already posted, but I just wanted to say that I am sorry Rosco is having issues and I hope he can get some relief.  

What about getting a twin waterproof mattress protector and putting it over the entire dog bed and zipping it closed. I would then use a cheap twin fitted sheet over that, so if he pees that soaks it up, and then you can just wipe down the liner. I have waterproof mattress protectors on all our case of Archer accidents and Megan's Frenchies.



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