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Rosco is 11 and in the past 3 weeks he's had 3 pee accidents. So three questions:

1) What's the best way to collect urine for sampling in a big dog?  When he was a pup I used a ladle to catch it but he was tiny and close to the ground.  He's tall and pees like a horse now.  Where can I get a 6 foot long-handled ladle?  Maybe a vase.

2) Anyone have experience with amazing dog bed liner that is truly 100% waterproof?  I had to cut off the last one because the zipper wouldn't budge and I was NOT going to wrangle the pee puddle, but it did the job and they don't sell them at petco anymore.  I don't want new dog beds, just a waterproof cover.  I can't seem to find any on Amazon that don't have a few bad reviews and stories of pets who have soaked through the liners.

3) Assuming there's no UTI, what are the chances Rosco's bladder control is going downhill at age 11?  Any of you have experience with senior dogs and bladder control?  How do/did you manage?  Frankly it took him a full two years to be reliable in the house...and even then if we went out too long at night after he'd had a nice long was iffy.  I'm thinking this does not bode well.

(P.S. It's been almost 7 months since Boca's knee surgery and she's doing quite well.  I still cringe when she has zoomies or runs from the back door to the back fence at lightning speed or jumps, but she seems to be doing well on her leg/knee and not in pain).


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I can see you now running around behind Rosco with this ladle :) Vern would freak out if I tried putting this under him. LOL



It is possible to make a pad of the appropriate dimensions with any tight woven fabric and the polymer beads you can buy at the gardening center to help your soil in pots hold water.  Put the polymer bead bag outside to dry or through a quick rinse only cycle and then hang to dry.  You can make two so that one is on the bed and one is drying.  That over a large heavy plastic bag ( think trash bag) should do the trick. Then the bed cover.

I use old quilts and/or beach towels of which I have many on top of the plastic bag. and then the bed cover. The towels and quilts and bed cover are easy to wash and dry, every day if necessary.   

So...twist.  I never did take him to the vet or get his urine tested.
But I think I know what's happening.  I think the "pee accidents" have actually been seizures.  He's had seizures for a few years.  The first accident was an accident and it was my fault.  My mom was visiting, I was super busy and she pointed out "I think I heard Rosco peeing."  The next two I'm quite certain were seizure-related.  This is because yesterday he had a seizure and although I was keeping an eye on him, I turned away to do more in the kitchen and when I got back there was a puddle on his dog bed.  Seizures do often make him have to poop at the end so I wouldn't be surprised if it also makes his bladder expel.  I guess the same dog bed solutions apply, but it's not his bladded being "weak" or old age type of peeing.  It's not a better cause, though :-/

I'm so sorry Rosco is continuing to have seizures. He is such a love.  We are sending hugs to him and wishes for a medication to control them.   Thanks for updating us, Adina.

Is he on anti seizure medication?  Medication usually start with potassium chloride solution which is very inexpensive.  I used a syringe to measure it and squirted the appropriate (small) amount in a bite of bagel for over eight years with my Thor. Hope it helps Roscoe.  There are many additional medications available if KCl does not work. 

I think you mean bromide.
Sorry to hear about Rosco's seizures. Sounds like time to reevaluate his meds.

I'm sorry to hear this.  Good idea F about taking a look at the meds.  Hoping this turns out to be a solution.



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