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Hi everyone, Winston is having issues with muscle weakness likely due to being so sick, inactive and being on prednisone for so long. Now that he's feeling a bit better and we're starting to taper off medication I'd like to work on his mobility because he is stumbling on stairs and can only walk for a short time. Any tips or advice on doing this? I am taking him on short walks again, after months of no walking, and I encourage him to do the stairs while I stand behind him so I can catch him if he stumbles. Any other ideas? Is there such thing as physiotherapy or personal training (lol!!) for dogs?

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There are also people that have taken the FitPaws Master Trainer course - they typically do not have a medical / veterinary background and are the canine equivalent of a personal trainer. Personally, I would want the programme to be overseen by someone with a rehab background in a dog that has been unwell.
I peeked at your profile, I see that you are in Ontario too! I'm in Muskoka, so not close enough to help you! Is this anywhere near to you?? Even if it is too far, it might be worth contacting them to see if they can recommend somewhere closer?

Kemptville Canine Centre
Kemptville, ON

Thanks Stella. No, that's not terribly close - although I'd make the drive if need be. There are closer ones though. I found these two : 

I emailed them yesterday and the second replied saying they require a vet referral which sounds like a good practice to me. I am going to discuss with my vet and then perhaps book a consult.


I found a great article on this and thought I'd share it here.

What a great article.  I feel that had I had  'real' therapy with a professional, my Gordie would have healed much stronger.



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