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I have only been leaving my 9 week puppy in the crate for max 2-3 hours. Several times now she has peed and I am surprised because I keep reading they will not pee where they sleep. I do have a very soft blanket in there which maybe absorbs the pee??? I am just wondering if this is normal or could she have some kind of medical problem? Thanks!

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A 9 week old puppy needs to urinate quite frequently, as her bladder is too small to "hold it" for hours at a time, and when she has to pee, she's going to pee, lol, no matter where she is. If you are closely supervising her pottying activity, and it seems that she's going too often, it doesn't hurt to have her checked for a UTI. Did you bring her to your vet for a "new puppy" wellness check when you got her, which I'm assuming was only a week ago? They should do a urinalysis as well as a fecal at that visit. 

Yes, I got her just on Saturday. She is 9 weeks today. I took her on Monday to the vet and they did a fecal but not a urinalysis. She does seem to pee a lot but then she also seems to drink a lot. Oh the joys of potty training! Thanks for the advice. I feel like a new worried mother all over again but I just love her so much already!

Cathy ~ it is probably normal behavior and nothing to worry about.  Unless she is sleeping, I would be taking her out every hour initially. Like Karen said, they are not developed enough to hold it for several hours. Congratulations on your new puppy.  What a fun summer you are going to have! I am so jealous. 

I least every hour to hour and a half.  As she matures it will be less and less.  I always went by the rule of thumb for every 1 month, take them out every hour, 2 months , every 2 hours and so on until they are adult, I gave mine plenty of out door time.  I would hate to get a puppy in the winter! LOL.  Have fun and congratulations.

I agree with this--2-3 hours is too long to leave her--you might want to keep her in a smaller space (If you are not going to leave her this long and want to keep her from peeing in the crate) by blocking off a portion of the crate so she does not have room to have a potty space and a sleeping space. 

Also, make sure the blanket and bottom of the crate is clean when you put her in there--she will pee where ever she smells pee and that will make it more difficult to break this habit as she gets older--in other words, the blankets and crate will become an acceptable place to pee even when she can hold it. You might want to get a super absorbent puppy pad an put it in the crate OR leave her in a pen (assuring it is safe for her) when you are gone that long with several  puppy pads.

When Leo was a puppy 8 weeks 9 weeks old he had to go the the bathroom every 45 min.  His sister was more like an hr maybe a little longer.  When Leo was older he could hold it for longer times.  Make sure the crate is also small enough with a divider that it is room for sleeping only and take out often.  It might be every 45 min or hour until she is older.

We just got a 7 week old.  She can go 6 hours at night.  (maybe more; 6 is the longest we have tried.)

How big is your crate?  It has to be just big enough for her to lay down in.

During the day we take her out every hour.

Wade, I hope that's a typo, because nobody should be taking a puppy from the litter at 7 weeks old. In fact, it's against the law in 25 states. 

But sadly, it happens all the time--bet it is not a typo. And Wade, night time is different from during the day when they are active--no pup goes out every hour all night--that would be awful!

Not a typo, 7 weeks.  We got our other dog from the same breeder at 7 weeks 16 years ago and she is spectacular.

In NY breeders have to keep a puppy for 8 weeks, but you need to sell 25 puppies a year to be a breeder and she probably does about 20.

Maybe I misunderstood the OP, but she said the puppy peed where it slept, so I assumed it couldn't sleep for 2 hours without peeing.



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