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I noticed that after a couple days of having our goldendoodle boy named Teddy he is starting to shed more and more and more!! Is it just a puppy thing like a puppy coat or more than that ? He isn't stressed so I know it's not that. Also does anyone have a goldendoodle that seems to be more of the Golden Retriever personality ? Or is this just puppy phase with digging and sticks and rock eating and leave and grass obsession? What's some of the training and puppy tips you can give to me for my new first puppy ? I wanna be a good fur mama but I'm so clueless ? Should I do

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If Teddy sheds now, he is probably going to continue to shed.  He is not shedding his puppy coat - that comes much later.  There is a group called Where is the poodle in my doodle?  for those who have more retriever looking doodles.  The phase you are describing has nothing to do with his breed and more to do with that puppies are exploring their new world and nip, chew, dig, eat all sorts of things.  You need to supervise to make sure he doesn't eat things he shouldn't - like socks, toys, poisonous plants....  Puppies can be a pain!  But they are soooo cute and, with training become awesome dogs.

Oh no ugh but I mean i love him to death and it just seems to get worse over time all the time !! But it is light not heavy shedding and thanks for the response I talked to a personal coach and some classes in my area.

Ditto what Nancy said, but I would suggest that you get into some training classes as soon as possible.  You are going to learn just as much if not more than the puppy.   It will help you to understand a lot of the behavior and how to fix or correct it.  I would also suggest if you have a rock eater or chewer especially that you look into Pet Insurance.

Yes I definitely wanna learn more than him for sure he is a smart little guy lol
He has some doodle qualities in his fur like super curly behind his ears

No answer to the shedding....but my two puppies love to dig up dirt and mulch....they will try to eat grass, mulch, hostas, flowers, bugs, paper...etc. I just keep a close eye on them, tell them to "leave it" and then replace with one of their toys. Pretty sure it's just normal puppy behavior. Good luck!! 

I can't help with the shedding but Ozzy used to always eat grass, mulch, rocks, and everything else while outside. I feel as if my hands stayed in Ozzy's mouth. Lol. He turned 15 weeks today and he's not as bad anymore although he still tries sometimes. So hang in there. I'm a first time pet parent as well and I know it can be a lot but it'll pass.
Yes it can be frustrating when I try and show him love and that's all he wants to do lol. He is 11 weeks old now and we are working on it with a couple of trainers. I'm learning a lot being a first time mom to a dog atleast lol. I just can't let him off leash till he learns what to put in his mouth and what not to
My Teddy is just short of three months. He's shedding quite a bit. I don't know if it's normal but I kind of figured it's either puppy fur being shredded or it's from the heat. No clue! He also loves digging and tearing my beautiful yard apart. He doesn't chew hostas, he rips them out of the ground. He also loves running from plant to plant.

Puppies usually ruin those lovely yards but hopefully outgrow the major destructive behaviors and you can make your yard beautiful again.

Yeah they sure do ! I'm sure your Teddy will grow out of it !! (Hopefully) cause I want to garden a little in the front and back lol
Yeah the shedding is a bit odd to me cause it's on and off like some days none at all and then some days it's heavy I wonder why? I think it's puppy fur and heat too
Ooh I just looked at your profile and your Teddy is four days older than my Teddy! ❤️



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