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Hello, I just joined the forum and have questions about goldendoodle puppies. We are about to make our choice and looking at 3 girls puppies right now. They are all so sweet and cute that makes it so difficult to choose. I am going to attach 3 pictures and if someone can comment on their fur, please, from your own experience. We think we are going to get the one that is dark red (my profile picture)  but I have concerns about the lack of hair on the nose, her hair are so short on the nose, however look wavy on the chest. Will she have that beautiful teddy bear face with the beard and lots of hair on the nose? or her nose will stay open with no hair. I read the upside down V on the nose in this forum and I just don't see it on that puppy. Please advise. Thank you! Natalie

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My 10 month did not shed until now and it is very minimal anyways! Nothing at all

 like the golden retriever I had!

Not shedding right this minute doesn't really mean she won't shed ever, but it is a good sign as opposed to shedding right now.  I snuck a peek at her pictures again.  OMD she is adorable.

Thank you all for answering. We will enjoy while it lasts and hopefully she won't shed much when she gets older :) she is doing great so far! such a sweetheart, gets crazy active few times a day and we are playing fetch a lot to tire her down, but when she is calm she give us lots of kisses and likes us to be close by all the time. We were training her a little and she is very smart, knows sit, lie down, fetch, and her name; also sleeps through the night with me sleeping beside at first few minutes until she falls asleep and then I move into the bed and shhh her if she wakes up...and she goes to sleep again... or I take her to potty and back to sleep ( we decided to have 2 crates, one downstairs where we all spend a lot of time and one upstairs in our bedroom by the bed). Lots of work! but we loooove her!!! She makes us and kids very happy. I take her to kids bed in the morning and she wakes them up with lots of kisses...priceless!!!

Natalie, sounds like you are off to a great start with your sweetie. Those crazy energy bursts are called zoomies in the doodle world. 

Hi Natalie. I just sent you a message and a friend request. Congrats on your new family addition!

I, too wanted a doodle with a full beard. I got exactly what I wanted. They both have a full beard. Casey has a nice full wavy coat with a full beard. Cody on the other hand just looks a tight curl poodle. The problem is, my boys are VERY sloppy drinkers. When they drink water they make a huge mess. My kitchen floor stays wet —- so in self defense, I have given up on the full beard and they now have a clean face. I hated it do it - but am much happier that now the kitchen floor only has dribble spots instead of being a lake.  (And yes - the water bowl is on a rug to catch the immediate mess. I have tried many different styles of water bowls and haven’t found any better than any other). So if anyone has any suggestions for water bowls that don’t create a tsunami, let me know!

Boy am I glad the choosing is over for me.  Smarty here was going to weigh in thinking I knew how to pick...HA!  I thought they all had potential...and did see an inverted V on the dark one.  I think you should ask for a video of the siblings interacting.  Doesn't have to be long.  I was able to choose after I saw a video.  Dinah was the one who was able to play by herself.  You'd hardly know it from her playfulness with me...we play, play, play!  Get Ready to PLAY!  I'm going to go back and look at Dinah's baby pictures to see if there was an inverted V...because she has a fluffy muzzle...and as far as coat...she is silky (but an Aust. LABradoodle) and only once in a while gets a mat (1 year old). mostly around the ears, especially if they get wet.



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