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Has anyone used these or know anything about them? Just made a visit to the pet store, they assured me this is not rawhide and is a completely safe chew, just wondered if anyone has used this or would know if it would be safe? We don't give Toby rawhide, but it looks like rawhide, so any input would be welcome.

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We have been paying almost $10 per bag for these bison strips at out pet store, has them on sale for about $6 per bag, also click preferred vendors from DK menu, and Amazon has them listed as an add-on for about $6 per bag, but you need to place an order of at least $25 on other merchandise to get the discounted price, both seem like good offers. Toby also loves the Bacon Apple Whole Jerky Bites.... Teddy would probably like most all of the flavors... He is such a cutie!

Thanks Debbie...gonna look for the ChewBall later today.

I buy these for Pooch and she has the worlds most sensitive stomach. She love all the flavors but for now I'm only giving her the chicken because she is on a single protein. 

How long are these Chews good for once you open them up ?  Teddy can't finish one at 1 sitting -- or at least I don't want him to -- and I put the unused portion back in the refrigerator in a Zip-Lock.  

Well, with one of the chews it developed mold around the edges, or what looked like mold, I wasn't taking any chances !

I thought like other treats these could be used days/weeks later, but apparently not.


No edible chew lasts weeks. :) Things like antlers and beef femur bones are the only chews I know of that last weeks or longer, besides inedible things like Nylabones. 

Thanks Karen.....if I get a few days, that's fine.  I went too long between snackings.  I'll just give it to him on consecutive days in the future.



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