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Has anyone used these or know anything about them? Just made a visit to the pet store, they assured me this is not rawhide and is a completely safe chew, just wondered if anyone has used this or would know if it would be safe? We don't give Toby rawhide, but it looks like rawhide, so any input would be welcome.

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Some of the No-Hide chews they had were quite a bit smaller and that also concerned me, I was afraid he could swallow one of them, so we opted for this long one.

Yes, you want bigger chew objects. It's not just the length that's important, it's the thickness, too. And you should always supervise them when they have a chew. 

Yup, the longer ones are 2-4x as thick.  Gonna pick up some of the bigger ones today and will save the other ones for when he's a bit older (the expiration is a ways off).

Thanks, Karen !!

Definitely with supervision!

I'm always in the room or next to him, but it's near impossible to tell when he is going to go from chew mode to swallow mode.  He does it right away.  I never give him the chew items when I am out of the house.

CHEWY TREAT UPDATE:  Just wanted to say THANKS for starting this thread.  I was unaware of Earth Animal's products; besides salmon, they also make beef and other meat chews.  But I was able to find the salmon chews and got 2 of the 4" mini-logs in a bag for like $8.  Expensive, but worth it as a change-of-pace from beef/chicken/turkey/etc.  They also seem to be sold individually as loose single pieces (at least at 1 store I went to) and different sizes, too, as I recall.  

I gave the salmon chew to Teddy last night and he chewed on it for like 15-20 minutes or so.  Softened it around the edges but didn't eat it or break it up into a smaller piece (yet!).  I put it in the freezer afterwards to preserve it.  Looks like I can get 3-4 nighttime snack uses out of it so the cost is about the same as those smaller Bully Sticks he likes (buying bigger braided ones now).

Teddy is 7+ months old and weighs just over 12 pounds; nobody thinks that the Earth Animal chews or a braided bully stick is too tough/thick for his small teeth, right ?  I want/need things that last at night for him to chew/eat when I have my late-night snacks and coffee but I don't want to damage or break his teeth.  His mouth is much smaller than a Standard or even a Mini Doodle's mouth.

In it's normal state, there's no problem with it's being too big or damaging his teeth, but I wouldn't freeze it. That's going to make it too hard and tough to chew. Keeping it in a sealed bag in the fridge should be enough to "preserve" it.. 

OK, thanks for the suggestion, a single guy, I rarely preserve foods but thought freezing was better if looking at weeks instead of days.  LOL  :-)

If I do freeze, I will thaw it first before giving it to him.  But I think a big Ziplock in the fridge makes more sense, thanks !

Is it OK to make other treat recommendations in this thread or should I hit another ?  Got a few useful tips some may appreciate.

Freezing, thawing, and refreezing food will actually make it spoil faster. :)
If you're talking about recommendations for specific treats/ brands, the best place for that would be in the Recommended Treat brands discussion in the Food Group. Otherwise, you can start a new discussion. 

Ziplocked and in the fridge as of a few minutes ago, thanks Karen !  If I don't HAVE to give Teddy a Bully Stick at night and/or the Salmon Chew, I hold off -- that's why I was freezing them.  I was told freezing the leftovers from his Pumpkin and TummyTums things was OK after their fridge use.

Sometimes late at night he's full (rarely) and doesn't bark when I eat/snack and other times a Smartbone does the trick.  Even though he's active (as measured by the FitBark), I don't want to give him TOO high a snack regimen of ultra-high protein stuff (I know there's debate here, but anything WAY above the protein content of his normal food I watch).

Even the Bully Stick manufacturers says 1 a day, tops.



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