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Just looking to see if anyone has used Bella Pups in Pennington NJ to get their Goldendoodle? We are scheduled to pick ours up in Oct! The breeder is Patricia HESS. Thanks!

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Hi Lisa,

I got my goldendoodle from the same breeder! Her name is Sophie and she is a F1 goldendoodle. 

How did it go? I was looking into this breeder also.



how is your goldendoodle doing.  I have read not too good things about that breeder on Golden Retriever blog, as she doesn't have all the health certificates as well as only a health warranty of a 1/2 year

I have used this breeder and I would not recommend her. Message me for details. 

Hi there- I am completely new at this...and not sure how to message...I think I might have just added you to enable that.  We are considering getting a puppy from Bella Pups and would love your insight.  Thanks

Looking good for feedback on Pat Hess we are supposed to pick up on June 9
Hi Kim have you heard anything on Bella Pups?
I have not- thought I could get some info here...but it's a little confusing to me!
There is not much online about Bella Pups but a few bad reviews. Kinda not getting a good feeling
Agreed but no concrete reasons that I can see...all "message me" - but I kind of just want it laid out. I also feel like anyone can have bad and good...just depends on who goes on here. All so confusing.

Hi Kimberly, breeder reviews and recommendations are not permitted here in the open forums, so when someone wants info about a specific breeder, they ask people to message them. 

If you haven't already read the DK guidelines on what to look for in a breeder, please do, and use them as a checklist for any breeder you consider. These are tangible things that you can look for.:

Ohhhhh that's makes sense now! Thanks



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